May 31, 2013

Friday Finds

Happy Friday everyone!!  It is finally here, my favorite day of the week.  To celebrate this wonderful day I'm going to share some fun things I have found lately!  Hope you enjoy!

I don't know what it is about Target, but I LOVE that place!  They have the best home goods, great clothes, and the lovely and wonderful dollar bins!  I'm all about a place that has some great dollar bins!  The other day I was in and found a few Fourth of July must haves at my house.  First off, little Miss Harper looks so adorable in shades!  I love sticking her in them and most of the time (unless she is cranky) they stay on.  I of course had to pick these up when I found them:

Patriotic, practical, and only $1.00!!  

They also had the sweetest patriotic headbands.  I love my daughter in a headband!  Here is a picture of last year's Fourth of July:  

I LOVED this headband and she actually kept it on at that time.  This year we are going with this headband: 

...and hoping she keeps it on, at least for a few pics! :)  Again, $1.00 at Target!!

The next Friday find is a two part find.  First I want to share two of my absolute FAVORITE blogs to read!  This Mama has two awesome blogs with loads of great stuff!  She has really tasty desserts, a few I will post about when I get a chance...I have tried many already!  She also shares dinner ideas, great tips and tricks for all kinds of things, life at her house, and not to mention she is the sister of the last Bachelor Sean!  Here are links to both of her blogs; I highly recommend you check her out! 

Last week I was reading a post she had about nail polish.  This post inspired me to get a new summer color!  She recommended three brands and so I decided to give one a try.  When  I was at Target getting all my fun dollar bin purchases I also stopped by the nail polish aisle.  I was looking for something bright and cheery and I found just what I was looking for.  

Not the best paint job but it will due!

The color is actually a new summer color for Essie.  It is called Sunday Funday and I love it!  It is a coral pink with just a bit of shimmer!  I love reading blogs for fun ideas and inspiration!  

Finally, this isn't a Friday find but my sweet little one has officially entered the big girl world in the car.  We turned her car seat to face foward yesterday.  Made me a little sad because she is growing so quickly.  It also made me thankful that I get to watch her grow and go through so many fun stages!  I love this little peanut!

Now go out and enjoy this fabulous Friday, I know I will!  Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to kick off to my Summer Family Fun Series!  Hope to see you all tomorrow!

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