May 30, 2013

Ham and Cheese Calzones

I LOVE calzones, not only are they easy to make but they are giant pillow of bread!  What could be better than that??  I'm obviously a carb loving girl (unfortunately) so anything that has bread in it is usually a winner in my book! This recipe could be used for lunch or dinner.  I always make a bunch and freeze them, then I pull them out to take for lunch.  Occasionally you just need something other than a sandwich, something warm and hearty!

Frozen bread dough (I use Rhodes white bread 5 pack)
Filling of your choice (I use a brick of mozerella cheese and a pound of ham)

Early on in the day before you go to make the calzones you want to dethaw the dough.  I found pulling the dough out of the package and laying the loaves onto a cookie sheet works great for this.  I had my dough out for a few hours, by the time I was ready it was totally dethawed.  I should also mention that when the loaves thaw they will probably be touching each other, no biggie, they rip apart very easily! Then, I wash my kitchen table really well and throw a small handful of flour down on the table.  When you pick up the loaf it will feel sticky, the flour helps to keep it from sticking to your hands!  I like smaller calzones so I always rip my dough in half right now before rolling it out. I make 2 smaller calzones out of one loaf.

Once you have flour coated your dough (you don't need much flour) you begin to roll in out.  I have used a rolling pin in the past, this last time I just used my hands to knead it out.  I spread my dough out as far as it will go then it is time for the fillings.  I'm a ham and cheese lover so that is what I add to mine.  I add a small bit of ham and a small pile of cheese to one side only.

Then, I fold the other side of the dough over top of the ham and cheese.  Next, I roll the bottom edge of the calzone up and over the top and use a fork to go all around the edges.  The fork sort of seals the edges together.  Finally, I take a knife and add a few small slits in the top of the calzone.

Not the prettiest thing you have ever seen, but oh so tasty!

I bake them at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.  I should mention that every oven is different and you might want to keep a close eye on yours.  Sometimes I find that the dough is not fully cooked in certain places so I will pop it in for a little longer.  I don't have an actual recipe for these, my mom made them a few times so I tried them out.  It is not a fancy recipe, I don't use an egg wash or anything like that, but it is good.  Simple too!  I use all five loaves, which gets me 20 single serving calzones.  I split the original 5 loaves into 2 when making the calzones.  After I have cooked them, I split all 10 mini loaves into 2 and get single servings!  I also cook them all at once, throw them in a freezer storage bag and keep them for later!  They always come out tasting great even after being frozen!  Finally, if you are a person who likes a lot of meat then you might want to get more than a pound.  I found a pound works great for me!

I personally like mustard to dip my calzone in, eating them plain is great too!  Nothing beats the smell you get while cooking these yummy calzones either!  Enjoy!

Stop by tomorrow for my Friday finds and Saturday for my kick off to summer with a summer series on great things to do with your kiddos!

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