May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

First off, THANK YOU to all veterans and those currently serving our country.  It is also important to thank the families; they play a big part as well, the support system at home (which isn’t always an easy job I’m sure)!  It is because of YOU all that we have our freedom and can live in the country we do!  Thank you!

Today should be a day of remembering, being thankful, and of course picnicking!  I'm sure many of you will be hosting or going to a picnic today!  Check back tomorrow to find a recipe for a delicious dessert that I took to a party last night.  It would be good for any picnic too; it's the perfect finger food dessert!  

Harper LOVES picnics, we have them often.  We call them her "puffs picnics" and she lays out a blanket (it must be the black blanket with colorful polka dots) on the floor in the family room.  Then, we dump a pile of puffs on it and she watches a little TV (not for long) and eats her puffs!  Gotta love a good puffs picnic!

Today we just so happened to picnic in our new pink swimsuit from Grandma!

Happy Memorial Day!!

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