May 28, 2013

Peanut Butter Cup Brownies

The weekend was wonderful!  It was such a nice treat having Monday off!  I hope everyone had time to enjoy it and spend with friends and family!  I didn't quite get my bows made, but I got them cut out.  That is half the battle, assembling them will be easy!  Our cookout kind of took over the day yesterday, it's okay though, it was a nice day!!  

I'm here to share another Tasty Tuesday recipe with you all.  This is another crowd pleaser and a hit at the party I went to over the weekend, especially with the kids.  The best thing about this recipe is you need only a few things (which I love about it)!  This has been all over Pinterest but I adapted the recipe from:

Makes about 2 mini muffin trays of brownies
1 box of brownie mix 
1 bag of mini chocolate chips (you won't use the whole bag...use what you like!)
3/4 cup of creamy peanut butter (I used more than this...I bought a small tub of creamy p.b.)

Directions: For the directions, click on the link above!

*I would like to mention the original recipe called for peanut butter and chocolate chips (regular size).  Because I used so much peanut butter I didn't want to use the peanut butter chips too.  Also, I like the mini chocolate chips for the mini muffin pan, they fit the brownies better (in my opinion).

What could be much better than chocolate oozing with peanut butter???  Love it!  

Stop by tomorrow to find out what kind of fun we were up to this past weekend with Grandma.  Also, find out what I use for pig tails that my daughter can't seem to pull out (yet)!  Hope to see you tomorrow!!

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