May 23, 2013

Splish Splash

The other day Matt (my husband) was outside playing with Harper when he started talking to our neighbors.  They mentioned having a water table that they were going to throw out unless we wanted it for Harp.  We took them up on their offer, it was in really great condition too!  The next day it got filled up and Harper immediately started to have fun!  She is such an outdoorsy little one, she loves playing in the water, collecting rocks, and exploring everything!  It is the perfect height for her (15 months) and she can have fun in water without getting too wet.  I would highly recommend one for any little ones you may have at home!  I did a little Google search and there are lots of different tables out there.  Some even come with umbrellas, not sure if that is really needed, but definitely fun!  Get out there and enjoy the warm summer sun with a cool summer toy!

By the way, bath toys are perfect for playing at the table, although it did come with a few toys too.  

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