May 29, 2013

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was busy but also a lot of fun!  Saturday we went to Cleveland for a quick visit with Grandma before going to a First Communion Party.  Matt's parents live in Cleveland and I have family that lives in the same area as his parents.   The party wasn't until later in the day so we were able to sneak in some time with Grandma first.  

Grandma is so great to Harper, she is always thinking of her!  She loves to buy her girly clothes and her favorite yogurt smoothies!  She has also really wanted to take Harper to visit ducks at a park near her house.  The last few times we have went to visit we have been so busy that we haven't gone.  Saturday was the perfect day; we finally got to take Harper to feed ducks.  She loved checking the ducks out; she is a curious little one!  She wasn't really into feeding them, which was a good thing because after we got there we saw a sign posted asking for people not to feed them.  After hanging out with the ducks we walked all around the park and played on the playground.  It was a beautiful day, beautiful park, and a fun time hanging out with Grandma!  Harper LOVES to visit Grandma!

If we are outside playing I try to have a hat on Harper.  She has such fair skin (like mom and Nana) that I'm always worried about her burning.  She also has thinner light hair so I worry about the top of her head burning too.  If I don't have a hat on her I LOVE to have something in her hair.  When she was smaller I would put lots of hair bows, flowers, and headbands in her hair.  These days she wants to grab them out (most of the time...I still try though) so I have been on a quest to find something that will work in her hair.  Nana (my mom) her other Grandma bought her a nice big box of hair bands.  There were little thick elastic bands and little rubbery bands.  I found that she can grab out the thick bands in one quick attempt, bummer!  Then, one day my sister tried the rubber bands, I hadn't tried them yet.  These were perfect!  They stay in all hair types, even really thin hair.  They are tight enough on the hair that Harper can't reach up and grab them out (yet) and they actually stay in all day!  I love playing with her hair and I'm so happy we have found something that works!  

The rubber bands!

The pigs have been in since 7am and it is now 7:30 pm!   

Here are her pigs after a long day...still up and kicking!  She however she is fussy and SO ready for bed! 

 Happy Hump Day!  Come back tomorrow for an easy and yummy dinner idea!  

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