Jun 3, 2013

Burlap for Different Occasions

In February my daughter turned one.  I had a very small family party for her; I'm not much for throwing parties.  I LOVE to get ready for parties but actually having them makes me nervous!!  I'm always worried that people won't have fun or the food will taste bad, etc... I have said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a WORRIER, I have been cursed with endless worrying!  

Anyways, even though it was a small party I still wanted to decorate with a theme.  I decided on polka dots with orange and pink colors!  I love pink and orange together.  The first place I went for decorating ideas was Pinterest, of course!  I was filled with so many great ideas and took use of many.  I will blog about her birthday party later.  Today I want to focus on one decoration and talk about how I'm going to adapt it for many different occasions.

As I was browsing Pinterest I found this picture http://pinterest.com/pin/8796161744076645/.  I had seen burlap decorations like these before here.  I love these Burlees and have wanted to order one, but once I found it on Pinterest I knew I could probably make one.  I decided Harper's first birthday would be the perfect occasion to try one out.  

Here is what you need:
Burlap (I just bought a couple of yards of it at JoAnn Fabrics, more to use at a later time)
Paint - pick the colors that you want from the little bottles at Walmart or Michaels
Sponge brushes
Lid (I used a lid from a jar of peanuts to trace polka dots
Hot Glue
Plastic grocery bags
Wire (to hang it up)

First draw a design on the burlap that you want to use.  (I did a large number one.)  
Then, you cut out the burlap, you want it to be double sided so when cutting fold the burlap in half so you get two sides.
Next lay it on newspaper so you can begin to paint.  I recommend laying it on newspaper because the paint can go through the burlap onto your surface.
For the painting I used a large sponge brush for the big areas, and a small paintbrush for the smaller areas and outlining my polka dots.  I also used a lid to trace on my polka dots. I just painted the front of my burlap.
Then, after it was dry I got my hot glue ready and began to hot glue one side of the number one.  Then, I stuffed a BUNCH of plastic grocery bags in between the middle.  I would hot glue more, and then stuff more.  I finally left only a small area without hot glue at the top and stuffed the rest of my grocery bags inside and went to seal it up.  Before I sealed it, I added my wire.  I just hot glued the wire right inside the burlap and it seemed to work.  Sorry I don't have pictures to share from the process.  

Here is the final product:

You will notice if you make one that it gets really stiff from the paint drying.  I LOVE this and have decided I'm going to try and make one for all holidays and hang them on my front door.  The website I shared above has inspired me to make one for all occasions!  This will probably take a while, but I will share as they get done!  

In other news I did get a bunch of mini bows done from last week!  Yay!  Little by little I’m getting these crafts accomplished! 

Have a wonderful Monday and stop by tomorrow for Tasty Tuesday where I'm going to share a delicious family recipe!  

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