Jun 17, 2013

Crafting Time-Baby Outfit

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday!  We spent the morning relaxing and hanging out with Matt's parents and the afternoon at a Cleveland Indians game.  It turned out to be a great day outside and it was definitely a fun Father's Day!

One of my friends (that I miss dearly now that we are in PA) just had a baby girl recently.  She knew she was having a girl which made it fun for me to do the shopping.  I LOVE to find cute baby stuff to give as gifts.  I knew I wanted something fun and different, but I also knew I wanted her initials included in the gift!  In North Carolina, personalizing everything was a common thing to do.  I had never seen so many cute monogrammed things in my life, they monogrammed everything there!  I naturally had to get on that band wagon because everything is better with a initial!  I also know that my friend loves things monogrammed, so it had to be included in the gift. 

I had made a tutu for another friend who had a baby earlier in the year and I thought it would be a great gift for the new baby.  I found this really fun blog that was my inspiration for the tutu.  I highly recommend you check it out, there are a bunch of cute baby tutorials...you might get addicted!!  

Anyways, I chose the fabric tutu because it was something different and unique.  I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and found four different pink fabrics.  I got a yard of each.  I have made two baby tutus out of this fabric and have enough to make another one!  Click on the link above for a step by step tutorial of how to make this adorable little tutu!

Sorry for the color of the photo, it was a dark room!

Wait, this outfit isn't quite down, it still needs a onesie!  This is where I wanted to incorporate the monogrammed initials.  I found a local shop that does embroidery and asked if they could do a onesie.  They were happy to help and gave me a few different font choices.  This is what I went with:

There you have it!  A cute and definitely unique baby outfit.  I loved how it turned out.  I also added a flower headband to send along with it! 

Because every little girl needs plenty of flower headbands in their lives!! 

Happy crafting and stop back tomorrow for a really fun rainy day book and dessert!  

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