Jun 10, 2013

Father's Day Fun

I can't believe another Father's Day is right around the corner!  It seems like it was just yesterday we were celebrating Matt's first Father's Day!  Life was so crazy then because we were in the process of moving from North Carolina back to PA, we just finished the school year (we are both teachers), and we were taking care of a 4 month old!  A lot has changed since then.  We have been residents of PA since July, Harper is now 16 months old, we are substitute teaching (trying REALLY hard to get permanent jobs) and yes, living at my parent's house.  Now, I have hesitated mentioning this because face it, it is rather embarrassing.  We could have never moved up without the help from our families and we are SO grateful for their generosity!  It really hasn't been too bad, just a little crammed!  Since this blog is all about our life it wouldn't be right for me to leave such a big part of it out!  In our defense, we still have a house in NC that we are hoping the renters are going to buy soon, it's a rent to own deal.  We are also trying to be really optimistic about jobs this upcoming year; we have put out resumes all over the county.  The reason we wanted to move home was Harper.  We want her to know her family, grow up around them, and we have really missed them too.  It has been a hard transition because we really miss our life, friends, and jobs in NC.  However, we wouldn't change our decision because being with family is truly the best thing in the world!  Harper LOVES all of her Grandparents so much and they love watching her grow, it is so nice they are all so close now!  All in all this past year has been really eventful, but definitely a blessing!

Harper and Nana (my mom). We couldn't have all these fun moments if we were still in NC!  

All right, now that I have went off in a major tangent it is time to share my fun ideas and some inspiration for everyone with a wonderful father(s) in your life!  

Here are two ideas from our Father's Day last year:

Homemade Scrapbook Card (those are ties on the front)
The inside-a picture of Harper wearing one of Daddy's ties.  You're "tie"rrific!  Not the cutest card, but an adorable picture and cute wording!  You could get creative with it! 

I was so excited about this gift.  I got two letters (D and A) and took Harper to three of Matt's favorite spots in Jacksonville to spell out DAD.  I put her in two outfits I loved and the middle picture is her wearing a tee-shirt from the football team he coached.  It was really special and turned out so sweet!  There have been a lot of these on Pinterest.  Search Father's Day and a few different options will pop up.  

The next thing I want to share is something that has a special memory attached to it!  I remember when my Grandma found this cake idea in a magazine years ago.  She really wanted to make it with my sister and I to give to my dad for Father's Day.  I remember going to her house and getting it all ready for Dad, we were all so excited.  Afterward she gave us the recipe to keep.  I was going through recipes not too long ago and found this.  I decided it was time to make another one!   You can get as creative as you want with it!  

A Cardigan Sweater Father's Day Cake

Boxed Cake Mix (I used chocolate, pick Dad's favorite)
Jar of Vanilla Frosting
Jar of Chocolate Frosting
Twizzler Pull and Peel
Bag of M&M's (I got the bag just below the largest bag.  The largest bag I saw was 42oz. It was like 8 something, mine was the size right below.  I forget how many oz.)
Gummy Life Savers
1 Whole Candy Bar (one that isn't divided)  I used Crunch in the past and Hershey's with almonds recently

Bake the cake, following all directions, in an 9 x 13 pan.
Let it cool and then transfer it to a flat surface.
Take your toothpicks and make a V shape at the top for the V-Neck of the sweater.  Then frost the V with the vanilla frosting.

Frost the rest of the cake with the chocolate frosting.  I didn't do the sides because my cake was crumbling when I tried.  It still looked great!  Either way works!
Next, take the Twizzlers and peel off a few strands.  I found it was too thick with all the strands.  I pulled 3 strands and laid them down outlining the V-Neck and down the middle of the sweater.  
Then, I divided all the M&M's into separate bowls.  I decided to use the colors I had the most of.  I began at the top middle and begin doing an argyle pattern with the M&M's.  This is where you can get really creative!
When I finished the pattern I added a few Life Saver Gummies for the buttons on the sweater.
The final touch was the tie.  I cut the small top part first.  Then I cut the big part of the tie last. 
It was a little plain and needed something else.  I grabbed a single strand off the Twizzlers Pull and Peel and added stripes to the tie.  

There you have it, a tasty, unique, and fun Father's Day Cake!  

My own quest to find some cute Father's Day ideas started with Pinterest, I know hard to believe right?!  While browsing I came across this website.  She has compiled so many cute ideas all in one place!  I'm planning on making the nuts about Papa for my dad and a something similar to the Reese Pieces for Matt.  The Hole in One Cupcakes were simply adorable for any golf lover in your family!    The white chocolate covered strawberries made to look like baseballs were so sweet too!  So many great ideas, so little time!  Lets get crafting ladies!  

I also found this website.  This site was full of more great DIY ideas!  There are so many cute things it is hard to pick!!  

Yesterday I went to Target and found polos for Matt's dad.  He is a polo kind of guy and Matt thought he would enjoy some new ones.  I LOVED the colors they had, the red looks really bright in the picture but it's not a real bright red.  It's a real nice color!  If you're looking for polos they are nice!!  

For my dad we did a bunch of his favorite things.  My brother, sister, and I went in together on this gift.  We got him a big tub of different nuts (I plan on making a sign similar to the one above to stick on the nuts), black licorice (yuck), blackberry jelly, hard candy, and a movie gift card.  These are some of his favorite things!  He will LOVE this basket, I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out.  

I won't share what I got Matt because he reads my blog...wouldn't want to give it all away!  :)  

Finally, last year I made a card (featured above) and this year I decided to do something different.  While I was picking out prints to get my 101 free prints from Shutterfly I noticed they had cards.  That got me thinking about how fun it would be to make personal photo father's day cards.  Through the Shutterfly website I found a link for TREAT.  They do all kinds of personal greeting cards.  I found three different layouts I liked and made one for my dad, Matt, and his dad.  They came with an envelope, were printed on nice card stock, and were really reasonable!!  I would definitely recommend them and you have until midnight tonight to get cards shipped to you by Father's Day!  

Enjoy and good luck with your own gifts!  Stop by tomorrow for a frozen Tasty Tuesday treat!

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