Jun 7, 2013

Friday Finds

It's another WONDERFUL and amazing Friday!!  Aren't you all happy?!?  I know I am!!

I'm really looking forward to this weekend.  Matt and I have decided to go on a picnic Saturday with Harper, as long as the weather holds out.  I have heard it is going to be chilly but we will see!

Yesterday it was a rainy day here in PA.  Harper and I spent the morning hanging out in our pj's, watching The Princess and the Frog, and watching the rain outside.  I love hanging out at home on rainy days!

So onto a few fun finds for the week.  First off, popsicle trays!  I know you can probably find these anywhere but Nana (my mom) found these at Kohl's.  She knew I wanted to make popsicles for Harper this summer so she got them for us, so awesome!!  Stop by tomorrow for a smoothie popsicle recipe!!

Have you heard of Tommee Tippee products??  I LOVE them!  I used their bottles when Harper was younger.  I loved them because they were easy to clean, and Harper really did well with them!  Now that Harper is getting sippy cups we have tried many different kinds.  The trouble with most cups is that she will chew them to the point where she ruins the sipper.  I have gotten her two different kinds of Tommee Tippee cups and she hasn't been able to ruin either.  They are really strong and durable, she loves them, and the lids can fit on either cup.  I actually lost the plastic piece for the one lid.  I was so bummed out because I thought I would need to throw the cup out.  Then Nana realized the lids can fit on both cups!  I was pretty excited!  Nothing bums me out more than when I buy something and it gets ruined, I love that she can't (or at least hasn't been able to yet) ruin these cups!  The smaller cup even has a little lid for the sipper part!  Harper loves to open and close the lid!  

Finally, I've gotta share a little guilty pleasure of mine.  I'm a reality TV lover, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Real Housewives of Orange County, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, New York, the Jersey Shore, Kardashians...you name it, I probably watch it.  Yes, I do get picked on A LOT by my family for my love of reality TV.  Oh well, there could be worst things in life, right?!  Anyways this last find is one that I really enjoy.  Ali Fedotowsky, former bachelorette, does recap posts for E! during the bachelor/bachelorette seasons.  I always looked forward to them last season.  The best part of her recaps is that she always answers fan questions.  I have learned some things I always wondered but never knew.  This was the second week of the bachelorette so I will link both of her posts below!  If you are fan enjoy, if you aren't don't judge! ;-D  

Happy Friday and don't forget to stop by tomorrow for my Summer Family Fun Series...we are making popsicles!  

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