Jun 14, 2013

Friday Finds

Do you have a Marshalls close to your house??   Have you ever been??  If not, I recommend you go, check it out!  I seriously LOVE Marshalls!  They have the best home section.  You can find all kinds of interesting little gadgets, decorative items, and baskets galore!  Plus, you almost always find everything on a great deal! Last weekend I stopped by to find some stuff for Father's Day, I could have bought half of the store, seriously!

My first find I just love!  I was looking for a cute container to put my dad's hard candy in.  I found this little canister (they did have a larger one too).  It has a little chalkboard like surface on it...that is the black surface you see on it.  It came with two pieces of chalk so you could write something on the jar.  

Notice the price (not my nail that desperately needs painted), no, that is not a lie!  $2.49...can we say YAYY!  

 This is how it turned out, although I think I will re-write "Papa's Candy" because I think it could look neater.  

Next find:  My mom is a basket lover.  She actually has a hanging basket rack; she can't get enough of baskets.  I didn't quite get that love of baskets, but I love an occasional basket.  More than anything, I love a themed gift basket!  I knew I wanted to do a "Papa's favorite things" theme for Father's Day this year.  I also knew I wanted to put everything in a great basket.  I fit everything nicely into it for just over $5.00.  I LOVE a great basket deal.  I seriously don't shop anywhere else for baskets, they always have the best prices, and best styles, hands down!  

In case you missed the Father's Day post, here is how it turned out:

The last Marshalls find: I was also looking for a cute container to put some candy in for Matt (for Father's Day).  I found this container which I thought was really unique and different.  He enjoys random things and I think he will like it a lot.  The lid screws on and it actually holds quite a bit.  More than I thought, I will have to get some more candy!  

Lastly, I want to share a really cute children's book, perfect for summer!  Have you read any Karen Katz books?  My friend Amy introduced me to these books and Harper loves them!  Many of her books have tabs your little one can pull up.  She has lots of different books, many of which we read on a weekly basis. When we were at the library we picked this one up:

It is so cute and a great summer find!  

Enjoy the weekend and stop by tomorrow for a colorful summer family fun activity! 

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