Jun 8, 2013

Fun with Popsicles

Nothing screams summer more than a cool and refreshing popsicle!  I want to share two different recipes we have made this week.  Hopefully you will try one of them out!  They are both very easy and the best part was getting Harper involved in making them.  She loves to be a little helper in the kitchen so I try to involve her whenever I can!  We just pull up a chair and let her help out!

The first popsicle I made just for her.  She is a big yogurt smoothie fan, she has one each night before bed.  I thought it would be fun to turn her smoothies into popsicles.

Whatever fruit you have on hand.
We used...
6 strawberries
1 banana
3 big scoops of vanilla yogurt (nothing too precise, just took a spoon and scooped some yogurt out of the cup)  *You could probably use any flavor of yogurt you like!
1/2 cup of water
Popsicle trays

Mix everything together in a blender.  Pour the mixture into the popsicle trays and enjoy!  We had a little left over so I poured into tiny tupperware containers.  You could add a popsicle stick to those when the popsicle starts to harden a bit.  It might fall over if you add it too soon.  (I'm not sure, we didn't add popsicle sticks, we will just eat it with a spoon.)

Getting ready to make our smoothie pops!

 She is a big fan of pushing the buttons on the blender!
 These were a big hit with her!  She definitely enjoyed them!  

For the second popsicle I wanted to make something that I would enjoy.  I wanted something refreshing for those hot days (that hopefully will come soon).  I made strawberry raspberry lemonade pops.  These are so delicious and easy!  Nothing beats lemonade in the summer, these popsicles are definitely worth a try!

I got this recipe from:  Add A Pinch  Don't you just LOVE pinterest, so many great ideas, bloggers, and delicious recipes!

Go to the link for the directions and ingredients....DELCIOUS!!

I thought these were amazingly delicious, very simple, and very refreshing!

Another great thing about making popsicles is that there will be no artificial flavors or colors in your homemade pops!  I love that!  

Matt, Harper, and I were going to go on a picnic today but it is looking cloudy and dull outside.  I'm not sure if we will get to the lake for a picnic, but if not we will probably have an indoor picnic.  I have one last summer family fun idea for a rainy day....puzzles! 

Puzzles are great for kids (and adults) at any age!  Harper has just started getting into her puzzles and can match some of them!  I remember doing puzzles at the dining room table as a kid!  They are cheap, time consuming on those rainy days, and also fun!  

Enjoy this wonderful Saturday with a cool treat and a fun puzzle!  Happy Saturday!

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