Jun 5, 2013

Nature Loving

My little bit actually started feeling better yesterday afternoon (last night a different story).  I knew she was feeling better because she was itching to get outside.  Since it was a beautiful day I thought we could head out for a bit.  She loves being outside and exploring everything!

Harper's love for the outdoors and her wanting to explore nature inspired this summer fun activity.   I have created a Nature Scavenger Hunt for kiddos at any age.  Click on the link, file, then print PDF.  Although Harper is too little to recognize a lot of these things on her own, it will be a great learning experience!  I know if I ask her to pick up a stick she could do it! I have used scavenger hunts similar to this one when I worked at a summer camp.  We had kids ages 6-10, most really enjoyed doing the hunts!  This summer I will be working at an Arts & Crafts camp so hopefully I will have a lot more fun things to share!

You could split your kids into teams and have them race to find all the items, or you could go on a leisurely walk with them and slowly pick stuff up!  Whatever you choose, the time spent outside enjoying nature and your kiddos will be worth it!

We are so lucky to live near a nature center.  Asbury Woods is nice because they have trails to walk on, a beautiful building which is home to many different creatures to explore, and they even offer summer camps!  I'm sure Harper will definitely be into that one day!  We enjoy going to Asbury Woods and checking out the creatures and what is going on.  Hopefully there is somewhere close that you can go (maybe even your own backyard) to explore nature!

Last year at Asbury Woods!

Happy Hump Day!!!  Stop by tomorrow for a tasty dinner idea!!  This one was a real crowd pleaser at my house!!

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