Jun 23, 2013

Quick craft and family fun

This has been such a beautiful weekend, I hope you all are enjoying it!!!   I know I am, so much so that I have been too busy to blog, sorry about that!   I had intentions of making a fun treat to share for summer parties but I ran out of time.  I will blog about it soon, I promise!! 

I'm working on my masters in reading and I have a huge project that is due Wednesday so that is taking A LOT of my time as well.  I will be relieved when Wednesday gets here!  I hope I can get back on track after!

Anyways, I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to be an arts and crafts teacher this summer.  Last week was the first week, it was lots of fun!  We have two different age groups 3-5 and 6-10.  We did a few projects from kits and then one from Pinterest.  I'm going to share a really cute and quick craft project that would be perfect for a little one.  We did these with our 3-5 year olds.  They really enjoyed it, mostly because they got to paint!  I thought it turned out really cute!

Here is what you need:
A paper plate (a flimsy one)
Cotton Balls
String or yarn

Cut the paper plate, I didn't quite go to the half way mark.  If I cut it in half it would have been too small, I just cut off a small chunk at the bottom.  You can decide what works best for you!
Next, hole punch the top of the rainbow.
Then, ROY-G-BIV the rainbows :)  They used their creative licenses to make all kind of cool creations!  
We waited awhile for the paint to dry.  Some paint wasn't dry because many little ones used paint overload but it all worked out.
Once the paint was dry, we fluffed out the cotton balls and glued them to the bottom of the rainbows.
Finally, we tied a piece of yarn to the top to hang up.  

They turned out cute and like I said, the kiddos had a lot of fun doing these!!  By the way I found this on Pinterest but I forget where.  I didn't save the link.  It is on there though! :) 

Stay tuned for more crafts in the next few weeks!!!

I also have to share what my family did earlier today.  My dad decided he wanted to take us to Pymatuning Reservoir.  He said we could watch ducks climb on the backs of carps.  I didn't really know how this was possible until I got there.  Oh my goodness, hilarious, and gross all at the same time!  There must have been thousands of carp swimming, trying to get any kind of food people would throw at them.  Then, swimming right behind the carp were tons of ducks.  Every once in a while the ducks would hop right on top of the carp and try to go for some food too.  It was amazing, definitely one of those cool, have to see at least once sights!

Here is a link with more information:  http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/2204

So many carp!!!

She was pretty amazed by this trip!

She LOVES her Papa!

Here is one duck on the carp!

Such a fun Sunday!

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