Jun 19, 2013

Rainy Day Fun!

So I thought I would stick to a rainy day theme for another day!  I just love an occasional rainy day in the summer.  Nothing is better than staying home, relaxing, hanging out in pjs and watching a good movie.  As much as I love lounging on a rainy day, my 16 month old doesn't know the meaning of lounge or relax, haha!  She is ON. THE. GO. 24/7!  I have to find ways to keep this munchkin busy and I think I have a fun idea that kids of many ages would enjoy!

When I was little my sister and I would make tents all the time.  We would find every spare blanket we could and drape them over chairs, tables, boxes, bins, any furniture we could find!  We loved making tents and playing in them.  It is such a fun memory and I know Harper will enjoy tents too (a little more when she gets older)!   

Our first tent!  We draped it over the coffee table on one side, and a high chair on the other side.

NOT thrilled about it, how dare I stick her in there!  

It's not so bad now that you are in here Mom!  I think I will stay and hang out!  

She wasn't a fan at first, but as soon as I got in there she enjoyed it!  I hope your kids will have as much fun as I used to in these homemade tents!  You could read stories, turn out the lights and tell ghost stories with flashlights, do puzzles, etc... So many ways to have fun with tents!!  

What could possibly be better than hanging out in homemade tents on a rainy day??  How about hanging out in homemade tents on a rainy day while eating s'mores?!?!  I love s'mores but can't always start up a campfire in order to enjoy them.  I have an alternative to the campfire, an oven!

You just lay out as many graham crackers as you want on a cookie sheet, no pam necessary!  Then, place the chocolate on top of each cracker.  If you don't have chocolate bars, just use chocolate chips!  I then threw them in a 350 degree oven for about 4-5 minutes; just keep an eye out for the chocolate to melt.  As soon as it has melted, pull the sheet out of the oven, add the marshmallows and throw back in for a few minutes!  I pulled mine out when they started to brown.

As soon as they came out I topped each off with another graham cracker!  There you go, delicious oven baked s'mores!

I just uploaded the pictures off my camera from Sunday.  I wanted to share a few from the Indians game.  I have got to say I was really impressed with their kid area.  We got to the game a little early and took Harper to the kid area.  They had a wild animal guy there (I think they have him every Sunday).  He brought snakes and a huge turtle.  They also had a magic show.  In addition to all that fun, they have a HUGE room filled with so many toys Harper didn't know where to begin.  They even had some craft tables for older kids.  I really enjoyed watching Harper play and she had a lot of fun!  The next time you go to a sporting event check and see if there is a kid area, so fun!

On the way, tired!
Um yah, I think you should stay far away from me Slider, not a fan!

They had a rollercoaster!  She loved this!

She enjoyed sliding down the jungle gym!

Check out the background, lots of cool things!  Daddy happened to love the Ohio State Wagon! 

Her favorite toy there, the play kitchen!

Finally, what sporting event would be complete without a Sno-cone?  Harper just had ice in her cone and she was happy as could be with it!  She was getting fussy and tired by the end of the game so this was a perfect distraction!  

Happy Hump Day!!  Come on by tomorrow for a simple and quick dinner (or lunch) idea!  

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