Jun 1, 2013

Summer Family Fun

Happy June 1st everyone!  I'm so thrilled that June is here!!  I know the first official day of summer isn't until later in the month, but it sure seems like summer already!  The warm, sunny weather is here, the barbeques are sizzling, and the plastic play pools are filled!  This summer is particularly exciting because I have an active 15 (almost 16) month old!!  I can't wait to see what kind of trouble we can get into this summer!

I decided I would make it a goal to post fun crafts, activities, games, etc... two times a week for the whole summer.  Some of what I post won't just be for little ones, I hope everyone finds something here that they can enjoy with their children of any age!

I'm kicking off this Summer Series with one of my favorite things to do on a nice sunny day.  Although, we don't do this nearly enough at my house, life gets crazy busy I suppose!  Having a picnic!  Picnics can be done anywhere and are always a hit with the kids!

I want to share some fun picnic foods today:

First off, fruit kabobs!  I was at a First Communion party last weekend and they had these, not only were they easy for the kids to grab and eat, they were also so cute.  You can mix and match your family's favorite fruits and stick them on cute kabobs.  We love bananas and strawberries right now so those will be on our kabobs!

To add a little protein to the meal (and a lot of fun) create egg people!  I still remember my mom making these for me when I was little!  Kids would have a ball with them!  You hard boil an egg, slice it in half and lay it at the top of the plate.  You then cut a pear or apple in half and add it under the egg for the body.  Next slice up your child's favorite cheese for arms and legs.  Finally, finish off with raisins for the eyes and mouth and carrots strings for the hair!  Your little ones are sure to love these!!

Finally, no picnic is complete without a tasty sweet!  I'm going with a simple, tasty, classic Rice Krispie treat!  I've been craving these lately so I thought it would be a great way to satisfy my sweet tooth and keep the picnic easy but fun!

We are all set for our picnic, paper plates are a must for any outdoor foods at my house!!

I hope this post has inspired you to seize the day, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors with a nice big blanket and a basket of fun food!

Happy Summer Everyone!!!  Come on back on Wednesday for another family fun idea!!

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