Jun 18, 2013

Thunder Cake

Well I'm definitely running late with this post, sorry!  I had every intention of posting my cute book and dessert this morning but the snooze button on my alarm got the best of me!  Harper decided to give Matt and me a run for it last night.  She woke up sometime around 3:00ish in the middle of the night, screaming! She didn't go back to sleep until close to 5:00ish.  Needless to say, I was exhausted.  I started my summer job yesterday so I didn't have any time to post earlier.  Then, it was a crazy busy evening so my post is late!  Sorry!  

I remember when my sister was in elementary school one year she came home with a recipe for Thunder Cake.  I also remember her telling me about the book, I always thought it sounded cool but I never read it.  The other day when I was looking through my mom's recipe box I found the recipe.  I knew I wanted to read the story and find out more about it.  

I went to the library this past weekend and found it!!

Thunder Cake is by Patricia Polacco

I thought this was a really cute story.  It is about a little girl who is scared by a storm, her Grandma (Babushka) tells her about making a thunder cake (a special cake to make only when it is storming).  Anyways, getting all the ingredients together and making the cake takes her mind off of the storm and she is no longer afraid of storms by the end.  I really loved it, I know I will read it to Harp when she gets older!  

The great thing about the story is that it came with a recipe to make thunder cake!  I was really excited about this too because I'm all about a good recipe!!  

Here is the recipe, although I really really recommend heading to the library and checking out a copy!  I really think your kiddos will LOVE this book!  Thunder Cake Recipe

Then, it came time to bake.  Usually I like to try to do things ahead of time, but I was running late so I did my cake last minute.  I baked the cake with Harper and wasn't too focused on the task at hand, I don't know what I did wrong but the cake didn't turn out as good as I was hoping.  I knew I could not come on here and blog about a Tasty Tuesday treat that I didn't love.  I did some blog hopping and website searching.  I found a blog that featured the recipe but with a few adaptations and she raved about it!  It also gave a recipe for a ganache topping.  I just used a can frosting for my topper, but hers looks fabulous.  Here is the blog:  Sugar Plum.

Here is another link:  Group Recipes.  It said, "probably one of my favorite cake recipes ever."  

Finally, I found a YouTube video on making it!!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VsdoNs5xZw  I definitely made a mistake in my recipe!  Since I found so many people really enjoyed Thunder Cake I really wanted to share.  I'm not about to call it quits on this recipe.  I will put it away and save it for another year or two.  One rainy day I will pull out the book and recipe and have a great time with Harper!  

I hope I didn't scare you away, I really enjoyed the story what could be better than a good book and some tasty food?!!?   Also, one other minor detail, in case you haven't looked at the recipe yet...the secret ingredient is tomato puree, don't knock it until you try it!! :) 

Until tomorrow (morning, I hope), have a wonderful night everyone!!  

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