Jun 15, 2013

Tie Dye Fun!

I have got a great activity to do with children (and adults) of any age!  This is the perfect summer activity!

I was at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and came across a craft dollar bin full of lots of goodies. In that bin I found this wonderful little kit.

I have never used bottles to tie dye.  I have always used a bucket, water, and the dye powder.  This kit was so much easier!  It came with two bottles.  Each had a different color dye ready to go in the bottle, a set of gloves (I should have worn), rubber bands, and directions.  All I needed was a t-shirt.  While I was at Wal-Mart I stopped and picked up a Garanimals plain white t-shirt for Harper.  I think the t-shirt cost about $4.00 and the kit was $3.00.  

I wanted to do a circular tie dye so I went on You Tube to find a video on how to rubber band it.  I decided to go with this:  

FYI-I washed and dried the shirt first.  Then, right before I went to dye, it said to dampen the shirt.  I ran it under lukewarm water and rang it out.  Next, I tied it up with the rubber bands.  Once it was tied and ready to go it was time to mix the water into the bottles.  I didn't fill up the bottles to the top because it recommended a lesser amount of water if you wanted a darker color.  I wanted it to be bold so I didn't add too much water.  Then, we started to dye.  Harper and I had a ball doing this, a messy ball though!

 Pre-gaming before tie dye time! 

 Neither of us used gloves, she had pink feet for a day, I still have pink all around my nails but we had such a great time!  

Afterwards, we had extra die so I grabbed a pair of her socks to dye.  Not the best plan, once I washed them the dye ran completely out of them.  I'm thinking they weren't made of cotton so that is why it didn't stick.  Oh well, it was still fun to try.  Just in case you are wondering the dye has almost come out of the sidewalk, it is very faint now (which is a good thing because after I finished I still had dye and wrote HARPER GRACE in LARGE letters all over our sidewalk and driveway)!  Fun times! :)  

Once we were done with the shirt and socks, I threw them in a Ziploc bag and kept in on the front porch all night (we did this at 7:30 pm).  The next morning I pulled off the rubber bands and the directions said to run water on it until the dye all runs out.  Then, I threw them in the washer (alone) and drier.  

This is Harper's "model" pose!  Aunt Kellie taught her to do this! :) 

I think this turned out awesome and I can't wait to do more in the future! I also think Harper enjoyed it a lot!! 

Happy Saturday everyone, enjoy the rest of the weekend!! 

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