Jun 12, 2013

Turtle time

One of my favorite things about teaching is doing fun activities and crafts with my kiddos.  I LOVED to read stories and then do crafts to go along with the stories.  When Harper gets a little older, I hope she is into arts and crafts!  I can't wait to do some fun projects with her! 

Today the summer family fun series is inspired by teaching!  When I taught first grade we always had a unit study.  During unit study we would do science and social studies related activities.  At one point during the year we learned about ponds and pond life.  I made these cute little paper bowl turtles with my class.  They are a lot of fun to make for kids and really easy too!  This doesn't just have to be a school activity, I made them when I used to do summer camp and my kids there enjoyed them too!  

Here is what you need:

Paper Bowls
Paint -Green/Brown/Black (or whatever colors you want your turtle to be)
Construction Paper -Green
Googly Eyes

Lay out newspaper and paint the bowl green.  (If you do not enjoy painting with your kids, a crayon would work just fine too.)
Let it dry and then paint a brown and black shell over top.  My shell wasn't great, but it doesn't have to be perfect!
After it is totally dry, draw body parts onto a piece of green construction paper.

  This is what my head, legs, and tail looked like.  I just drew them quickly.

Then, cut out the body parts.  Use crayons to add any details to the turtle. 
Next, attach the legs, tail, and head with tape onto the inside of the bowl.

I turned over the bowl, lined everything up, and taped everything down. 

Finally, add the googly eyes onto the head with glue.

There you have it, an adorable turtle that your kids are sure to enjoy making!

The teacher side of me is going to come out now...
Yesterday I took Harper to the library and decided to pick up a few cute turtle stories to share.  They would be great to read before or after making the turtles!

Mossy by: Jan Brett.  Sorry for the glare!  This is such a sweet tail of a turtle who was taken out of her habitat and very sad.  She was eventually returned and life picked back up where it left off!  A sweet story!

The Voyage of Turtle Rex by: Kurt Cyrus.  This is actually about the life of a sea turtle.  From it being born, to the danger it can encounter, to laying eggs. Cool pictures, plus there are dinosaurs in the beginning and end, sure to thrill some little ones! 

The Rabbit and the Turtle by: Eric Carle.  I love all Eric Carle books.  He has great stories and awesome illustrations.  What did I love about this particular book??  It has many different Aesop's fables all of which stated the lesson to be learned at the bottom of the story.  There were 11 different fables, really cool book!  I wish I would have known about this one for my own classroom!

Emma's Turtle by: Eve Bunting.  This is a sweet story about a turtle who thinks he wants to take a trip around the world.  He digs a hole to get out of his pen, and he travels (he thinks all around the world) and it turns out he just went across the yard.  It is cute!  

Yertle the Turtle is a fun Dr. Seuss book.  Learning to treat others with respect is a theme in the story! Anything from Dr. Seuss is also really fun to read!  Plus, this story comes with a few other fun Seuss stories!

Franklin Series by: Paulette Bourgeois.  This is a cute series of books.  There is even a television show on Nick Jr.  I have always enjoyed these books!

Fun Facts About Turtles by: Carmen Bredeson.  This is a really great non-fiction book about turtles.  It would be great for an older child!  It discusses the parts of a turtle, where they live, what they eat, how they keep safe, the different types of turtles, etc..  Great pictures and not too much or too little text on each page, just right!  Some of my first graders would have just LOVED this book!

Finally, I think the terrible twos have started at my house already!  Harper has enjoyed shaking her head "no" to just about everything these days.  She will do things she shouldn't, say, "bad" keep doing them and smile...and the temper tantrums, WOW!  She has started the whole lay on the floor crying, pouting, screaming thing.  I don't know if I'm ready for this stage yet, haha...ready or not, here it comes!!!   

 She LOVES to wear around her little bear book bag.  
 I told her "no" and she wasn't happy!
She does have just about the cutest little pouty face I've ever seen! 
Even at her crabbiest moments, I wouldn't change these days for anything! :) 

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