Jul 10, 2013

Crafting with Kids

I have a few minutes of spare time today....yay!!  I wanted to share two cute crafts we made in Arts and Crafts class this week!   These were easy crafts and the kids really enjoyed making both!!  As always, they were both Pinterest inspired!

Dream Catchers (here is my inspiration!)  *Made with 6-9 year olds

Materials we used:
Paper Plate
Tissue Paper
Construction Paper
Hole Puncher
Pipe Cleaner (or string)

Click on the link above for step by step directions.

Handprint Crabs  (here is my inspiration!)  *Make with 3-5 year olds

Materials we used:
Blue Construction paper
Red Paint
Googly Eyes
Cotton Balls

Here is how we did it:
First, paint one handprint red.  I found it easiest to use a paintbrush and paint right on the hand.  Then, lay down one handprint with the thumb going up.  Make sure the thumb is in the middle.  Then, paint the other handprint and lay it down (with the thumb) directly next to the other print.
Let the paint dry and use the paintbrush to brush on Elmer's Glue.  I find it is SO much EASIER to paint  glue with little ones, rather than squeezing from the bottle and getting gobs everywhere!
Then, get some sand (we did it right over a bucket) and have your little one dump sand all over the glue.  It was easy doing this over a bucket and dumping the extra right back into the bucket when we were finished!
Next, place your googly eyes at the top of the thumbs!
Finally, paint on some glue for the clouds, unravel some cotton balls, and place them at the top for the clouds!  They turned out so stinking cute!!  I might have to make one with Haper!!

I hope to be back tomorrow with an easy and tasty dinner idea!  See you then!!

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