Jul 3, 2013

Fourth of July Crafting Fun

The Fourth of July means grilling out, watching fireworks, and of course a little red, white, and blue!  This year will be our second year back in PA for the fourth and Harper's second fourth as well.  I can't believe how much has changed in one year!

Preparing for any holiday is always really fun for me!  I love decorating for each and every one!  This year, working with arts and crafts classes, I have done a few different crafts.  Each was fairly easy and turned out really cute!  Hopefully you can enjoy a quick craft with your little ones before tomorrow, or even as part of the celebration tomorrow!

The first craft is a popsicle stick flag hanger.  A girl I work with at arts and crafts found this idea on Pinterest, I'm not sure who to source (sorry), but it isn't my own creation.

What you need:
13 popsicle sticks (thin kind)
3 woodsie stars (wooden stars, Woodsies is the brand)
1 wooden square (the Woodsie brand has these too)  If you can't find wooden squares, try cutting one out of blue construction paper.
Red, white, and blue paint (we used tempra)
A paintbrush
A hot glue gun
Piece of yarn (mine was about 6 inches long)

First, paint 5 of the popsicle sticks white and the 3 stars white.
Paint 5 more sticks red (3 will be left plain).
Then, paint the wooden square blue.

Here is what your craft should look like so far!

Once your sticks have dried, it is time to assemble!  You will want to lay 2 of the plain sticks vertically down apart from each other.  You want them the distance of one popsicle stick.  Then, hot glue both of the sticks all the way down, and begin to lay the sticks down horizontally.  Don't forget to lay down red then white or vice versa.  

Here are the two plain sticks that you run the hot glue down.  If you don't have hot glue white glue should work (just give it a chance to set).

Lay each stick down horizontally!

Next, it is time to glue the wooden square to the upper left hand corner.  Once the square is glued down, glue the three stars onto it.

Almost done! 

Finally, you need to add the yarn!  Turn the flag upside down and add more hot glue to the top 2 corners of the project.  Lay the yarn over the glue.

Add a little bit more hot glue over the ribbon and top off with the remaining popsicle stick (going horizontally).  

Here is the finished product!  So sweet and the kids really enjoyed it.  They got to paint so that was the best of course!  We did this project with 3-5 year olds!  

The other craft was a really cute little flag pin.  These were made by the 6-9 year olds.  They enjoyed making these and wearing them too!  I was surprised how much they enjoyed them!  I loved how they turned out too!!

Here is what you need:
8-9 safety pins
Small round beads (red, white, and blue)  These are the really small ones!

How to put it together:
You open the pins and put 4 blue beads on the first one. Then, a red and white bead (in any order).  Make three more the same way, using the blue beads.  Make sure you keep the red and white pattern the same throughout.  Then, make a few more with just red and white beads.  When you are done this is what it will look like... *Leave one pin empty.

To finish the pin, take the empty pin and string all of the other pins through it.  You will want to string it through and pull it around to the other side of the pin.  Don't try to string it through the hole in the top of the safety pins, or you can't get the pin to the other side.  I hope that makes sense!  

Really simple and really cute!

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