Jul 25, 2013

Friday Finds!

It seems like forever since I have done my Friday finds.  I'm excited to share a few things today!  I'm also excited because it is finally Friday!!  Woohoo, this is my favorite day of the week!  The weekend is about to start and life is good!

Up first is something totally cute and really sweet!  My mom and sister were recently shopping at the Christmas Tree Shop.  Who has one close by?  Well they don't actually sell real Christmas trees; I'm sure around Christmas they sell the fake ones though.  They sell a random assortment of things.  Most of which is pretty affordable and useful!  Anyways, they happened to find a princess tent for Harper. It is in the shape of a castle, it's pink and purple, and it is fit for any little princess (or fussy princess in my case)!  Plus, it was only around $15.00, which in my book is a pretty good deal for something like this!  Harper can have hours of fun reading and playing in the tent now!

The next find comes from Michaels.  Holy deals!!  I don't know what was going on at Michaels on Monday but they were having amazing deals!  I got two, not just one, but TWO 16 by 20 inch paint canvases for $3.99.  Yes, that is pretty much the deal of the century for those things!  I have no idea what I will use them for, but I'm going to have fun making something so cheap!  They had tons of other things on sale, jar candles were like a dollar, kids crafting supplies, and the list goes on.  I even left with a few Christmas presents!  So run over to Michaels and hopefully the sales are still going on!

Finally, I have a Flashback Friday Find.  I don't know if I have ever mentioned I have a DVD addiction.  I'm truly addicted to buying DVDs.  Which hey, it could be worst, right?!  I particularly love buying DVDs for Harper now.  I have a HUGE Disney collection going; I'm kind of obsessed with all things Disney!  Anyway, I recently found some oldies that I used to LOVE on Amazon and I had to pick them up for myself Harper!  If you haven't seen either I would recommend both.  

Troop Beverly Hills and Tom and Huck.  Tom and Huck might be a little scary for little ones, but who didn't love Jonathan Taylor Thomas back in the day!  Both were only a few bucks on Amazon!  Both were also as good as I remember them!

Happy Friday everyone!  I will see you Sunday! 

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