Jul 29, 2013

Hair Bows Part 2

Good Morning everyone!  I can't even believe how fast weekends go, and I really can't believe how fast this summer is going....craaazy!  Well, I'm excited for another great week and hopefully more sunshine and some warm weather too!

Back in May I shared a tutorial on making really cute mini bows.  I love the mini bows, especially now for Harper's hair.  I'm trying to grow out her bangs so they are always in her face.  The mini bows are a great way to pull them aside in a cute way (when she will keep them in).

As much as I love the mini bows I was really interested in making larger bows too.  I have to admit I tend to love the big, gaudy bows, haha!  I have found a lot of tutorials online and a lot of them seem really complicated, I'm not into complicated crafting (usually).  Then I found this youtube video.  It is basically my minibows x2.  It was a really easy to understand well-made video on how to make a larger bow.  These bows are not very gaudy at all, but perfect for a little something extra in the hair.

I really love making the bows too, something about it is relaxing!  I plan to make a bunch for the craft show my mom and I are involved in coming up this December!

Here is how they turned out:

Have a great Monday and come back tomorrow for Tasty Tuesday!

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