Jul 24, 2013

Hawaiian Leis and Noodle Necklaces

We have been busy crafters at camp lately!  We made 2 fun and different necklaces last week.  The kiddos really loved making each necklace.  We made the noodle necklaces with the younger kids and the leis with the older kids.  Both were easy to make and cheap too!

Hawaiian Leis 
What you need:
*Pre-cut foam flowers (if you have lots of patience, you could cut out flowers)
*Hole puncher
*Colorful straws (a box from Walmart was 90 some cents)
*String or yarn (I used black yarn)

How we did it:
Cut up straws into inch or so pieces.
Hole punch the middle of all the foam flowers.
Cut a piece of string the length you would like the necklace to be.
Now comes assembling time!  Alternate the straws and flowers.
Here you go, have fun at your next luau!  *I didn't want to show you pictures of the kids wearing them without parent approval, but trust me they looked adorable on!

My inspiration came from: Hawaiian Leis

Noodle Necklaces:
What you need:
*Food coloring
*Rubbing Alcohol
*Noodles-I used rigatoni noodles
*Plastic Bags
*Cookie Sheet
*Wax Paper
*String or yarn-I used black yarn 

How we did it:
First, to add something extra special to the necklaces, I dyed the noodles.  This was fun and pretty easy.  I actually had Harper help me dye them.  Get a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and squirt in some rubbing alcohol (no precise measurements, a few tablespoons maybe).  
Then, add about 6-7 squirts of food coloring (your choice).
Mix the rubbing alcohol and food coloring around and then dump in a handful of noodles.  (I found only doing a handful at a time gave the brightest color).
Then, mix the noodles and food coloring around for a minute or so.  
When done, lay wax paper on a cookie sheet and lay all the noodles to dry.  
Finally, assemble the necklaces.  Again, I don't have pictures of the kids but I will share pictures of the noodles.  They turned out bright and fun!  The kids were really proud of them too!  

There you have it!  Creative, easy, and cheap summer fun for your kiddos!  Stop by tomorrow for a dinner idea!  Thanks for stopping by, happy hump day!  

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