Jul 22, 2013

Monday Catch Up

Hello blogging world.  I know I said I was going to try to get back last week but life got in the way.  I also know I have been saying that a lot lately...sorry!  I didn't want to say what was really going on until I knew one way or another.  Well... unfortunately  I don't have good news to report.  I have spent the last 3 weeks or so interviewing for teaching jobs.  I had two interviews in Pittsburgh (for one district) and three here in Erie (for another district).  I made it to the performance interview for each.  That is the interview that you actually teach a small group of children while the interview team watches.  Well, that being said I have spent hours (that is not an exaggeration either) preparing for all 5 interviews, the performance ones took the most prep.  In the middle of all of that I have been working on two different masters classes and taking care of Harper.  I have had NO TIME at all for life.  Last weekend I literally spent the whole weekend (all day and night both Saturday and Sunday) preparing for interviews.  Because of that, I got really far behind on school work and house work.  Therefore, I spent this past week catching up on all of that.  I don't mean to go on forever, and I'm also not trying to complain at all.  I just want to be honest and let you all know why I haven't been around. I'm really not trying to make excuses either, it has been CRAZZZY!  I was so thankful to spend this past weekend catching up on housework and quality time with my baby girl and family!

I wish I could say that I had been offered a job for either of the two positions.  I guess neither were meant to be.  God has a plan, I just don't know it yet!  I'm okay with it, but I'm definitely ready for someone to take a chance on me again!  I know when the time is right, and the school is right, I will have a job once again!  Until then I will focus on all the extra time I wouldn't normally have if I had my own classroom, and spend it with Harper!

Here is a look into what we have been up to lately...

I took Harper to her first amusement park.  We just rode a few rides to test it out.  She LOVED it! 

This was from the Frog Hopper, they told everyone to stick up their hands so they could pull the lap bar down, I love this picture!  This was the only ride she wasn't totally thrilled about.  It went up and dropped down (not too high though)!

Yesterday we spent the day with our wonderful friends from NC, which we miss dearly!!  They were up visiting family in Pittsburgh, so we all met up and went to the Children's Museum.  We were excited to head back there again! Harper had so much fun!

This child LOVES water, she can't get enough!  She was actually trying to put her mouth under this pipe to get a drink.  It was funny!

Here are my plans so hopefully you will be back...I plan to blog a Tasty Tuesday treat for everyone tomorrow, a fun activity for you and your little ones on Wednesday, a delicious dinner on Thursday, and Friday finds!  Catch me all week!  I'm excited to truly be back!  Thanks for sticking around! :)

Happy Monday!

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