Jul 7, 2013

Shutterfly Books

Have you ever made a Shutterfly book?  Let me tell you, they are great for special gifts.  I made my first two after Matt and I got married.  I took all the pictures of my family and his at our wedding and made books for each of our parents.  We gave them the books for Christmas.  It was such a nice gift and one they can keep forever!

Then, one of our good friends showed me a book she had made for her son's first year.  I LOVED that idea, how cute to put all his first year memories in one nice book.  I knew when I had kids I wanted to make them too, so that is what I did.

I'm going to share three different books I have made for Harper.  I really enjoy making the books and I hope that she will enjoy having them when she gets older!  Oh, and another great thing about Shutterfly is they are always sending discounts to their products, and occasionally free things.  The first two books I made were free, I just had to pay shipping!  Can't beat that!  This weekend I also got an email for 101 free prints.  I LOVE Shutterfly!

Here is a link to get you started on your own photo book! http://www.shutterfly.com/photo-books

The first book I made was "Where Is Harper".  This is a Where's Waldo for Harper basically.  I set her up hiding in a bunch of different places and took pictures.  Now that she is older, we have actually used the book once (she loves seek and find books) and she actually found herself on all the pages!  I think she really enjoyed it!  It turned out pretty fun!  I have taken some pictures of the pages below.

Hiding in a dresser.

Hiding in the garden.

In a laundry basket.

In her car seat with lots of toys around her.

Hiding among her stuffed animal friends and reading a good book!

The second book I made was an All About Harper as a baby.  I wanted to highlight some of her favorite things and what she has done so far in life.  Again, I have shared a few of the pictures below.

This page lists all her favorite toys.  I have her point to the toys as I read them!  

This was just a fun page I had to include.  It is the many fussy faces of Harper.  I literally had tons of pictures of her crying from every occasion.  I wanted to include them in the book somehow.  Won't she just love it when she gets older!  :)  

This is a few things about the month she was born on.  Birthstone, Zodiac symbol, a heart for Valentine's Day because that is when she was due, and a picture of who was playing in the Super Bowl because she was born during it!  

This page tells her the story of how the family found out she was on the way!

This is all about how curious she is and how she LOVES to get into everything!  

The last book I have made for her is the Harper's first year book.  This has tons of pictures of her first year, pictures from all holidays, events, and so on.  There isn't much writing in this book, just lots of pictures!

The first page, it has her name, birthdate, time, and weight.  

I thought it would be fun to include pictures from the months I was pregnant with her.  

This is one of the few pages that has writing on it.  I loved all the little embellishments you could add to the books.  When I saw the sun that said, "On the Day I Was Born" I knew I wanted to add it to her book.  I thought it would be fun to write down a quick note about that special day.

I also put pages for each month in the book as well.  You can pick all your own backgrounds and add all the embellishments that you want, plus they have idea pages you can use (I used some, they were really cute).  

We took her to almost all of the North Carolina Lighthouses before we left, I thought that was special event I should share in the book.  

All her first holidays, here is Halloween.

First Birthday-I loved the balloon embellishment!

The final page, just a few of my favorite pictures to finish the book! 

I also should mention, you can pick the size of the book you want, the kind of cover (they don't have to be hardback), how many pages you want, and what you want each to look like.  If you want 10 pictures on a page, you can do that.  If you only want 1 you can do that also.  Shutterfly is really pretty easy to work with.  I loved making these books and will try to do them for all my kids, although I hear once the second one is here you don't have much time to do all of these kind of things!  I kind of believe that already, Harper has kept me so busy lately! ;)  

Her first time riding the carousel at the zoo yesterday, she loved it!  I sat her on the ape because I thought it was pretty fitting for her spunky little personality! 

I hope you have a relaxing Sunday and thanks for stopping by today!  I will be back on Tuesday to share an easy but delicious dessert!  See you then!  

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