Jul 9, 2013

Sticky Toffee

Hello!!  Wow, I'm late on posting this tonight, but it still is Tasty Tuesday for another half hour!!

I was hoping life was going to slow down a bit after I finished my huge project; however, I have had a few things keeping me really busy this past week.  My schedule is really crazy for one more week (hopefully that is it).  I'm REALLY REALLY hoping to get back on track.  I miss blogging every day.  I miss finding cool things to post about....I need creativity in my life....soon!!!

Anyways, my intention was posting an easy dessert I made the other day.  It turned out okay, but nothing I was over the moon about.  Therefore, I don't feel comfortable posting it.  I only want to post things I really love so I have an alternative!

For my dad's birthday in March I made this cake.  It is from one of my favorite bloggers, Mix and Match Mama.  This cake got rave reviews, it was spectacular!!  Probably one of my favorite desserts of all time.  The funny thing is the fact that I thought I wouldn't enjoy it without frosting.  This cake didn't need frosting.  It was so moist from the pudding and the flavors were to die for!  I can't tell you how much I love this cake!  I think it is time to make another, now I have a major craving!

I'm sorry about not having pictures, and being so absent lately.  I will get back on track, I just need one more week!!   I will be back sometime in the next few days!!  Don't give up one me just yet ;-)

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