Aug 14, 2013

Colorful Rice Creations

Last Friday was my last day for Arts and Crafts and I'm really going to miss it and my kiddos!  It was a lot of fun and I loved crafting all summer long!  On Friday we made rice creations with the younger kids.  I dyed rice and the kids got to go to town with it!  I traced their hands on paper plates and had them glue down whatever colors they wanted.  I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of how the projects turned out.

I decided to share a few pictures I found on Pinterest for using dyed rice!

Mamas Like Me: Dyed Rice #Sensory Play and The Weekly Kid's Co-op - Includes a tutorial for dyed rice!  So easy and fun! #preschool
Have you heard of sensory bins?  These look so fun, I think Harper would love them!  I also love how they color coordinated the rice with the objects!

Art projects with home-made dyed rice!  Colors really POP on black construction paper!  Make designs with glue and decorate!  Instuctions for rice on link.
This is cute, and I think printing out your child's favorite cartoon character or some other kind of picture from the computer would be fun to fill with rice!  

Great idea for sorting from:

Patriotic decorations made with dyed rice! Fun project to do with the kids.

The cool thing about the rice I dyed was that it smelled great!  I came across the idea of using Kool-aid to dye the rice instead of food dye.  This was a great idea and my kids loved guessing the different scents, they did smell awesome!  By the way, it was really easy and quick to do!  

Let me know if you create anything fun with your rice!  I'm thinking of making some sensory bins myself!!  Happy Hump Day! 

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