Aug 30, 2013

Friday Finds- Back to School Pt. 2

Book bags have been packed, lunches have been made, and school has officially started here in Pennsylvania.  With the start of school everyone needs a few new things to spruce up their wardrobes!  Today I'm going to share a couple of fun finds that I purchased for the new school year.  I will continue to substitute teach this school year with a few projects on the side.  I'm working on crafts for a craft show my mom and I are entering this December, it definitely keeps me busy while Harper is napping!  Matt just got a job teaching 7th and 8th grade math at a parochial school, he is pretty excited.  With the school year starting for us, I need to be prepared!

Let's get started!  I had a birthday last week so most of these purchases are made with birthday money!  I had to be good considering we don't have the best paying jobs right now, but let me tell you it was HARD, there are so many cute things out there!!

I had A LOT of luck at Kohl's this year (sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss for me).  Anyways, as always they were having sales, I had a 20% off coupon, and a gift card...that is a winning combination for me!

Here are a couple of cute things:
I'm obsessed with all things scarves; I have one for just about every color in the rainbow.  I really love the infinity scarves, but I'm also learning how to tie the regular ones to make them look cute! This is an infinity scarf which I got on sale for 15.99 and then 20% off!  I loved the colors in this scarf (I got the green)!

I found this boyfriend blazer (in black) to spruce up my casual outfits.  I'm a jeans kind of girl; I love anything casual and comfy.  When I go out I want to be able to "fancy" up my outfit a bit and I thought this would be the perfect way to do so!  I got in on sale for $49.99 plus 20% off!

For subbing you definitely want something that is dressy but comfortable.  I found this shirt and I knew it would be perfect for my job!  Plus, it ties in the back to add to its cuteness!  I got the black because they were out of my size in the purple.  I love both colors though!  I got in on sale for $24.99 and I can't wait to wear it for my first day subbing this year!

Lastly at Kohl's I discovered their discount jewelry section.  Oh my goodness it was pretty awesome.  I actually got a really cute necklace for $1.90!  I got two necklaces (with earrings), one set of plain earrings and a bracelet all for $13.00!  I was so excited!!  If you haven't checked out the discount jewelry section, it's definitely worth the visit the next time you are in Kohl's!

That about wraps up my finds at Kohl's!  I have one last fun find that I want to share.  My husband couldn't understand why I wanted this so badly, but I love it and can't wait to use it in my next home!  I found this chalkboard at Marshalls a few weeks ago and fell in love with it.  I have seen so many cute ideas for chalkboards on Pinterest, one of those being a weekly menu board for the kitchen.  Now I figured when I went to buy one later down the road I wouldn't be able to find one I liked, so I wanted to buy this one now.  It was the perfect size, color, everything.....but it was $40.00 way more than I could afford to spend!  Then, I had a birthday and knew just where to spend the last of my Marshalls on the perfect chalkboard, so that is what I did!

The color is bad in this picture, but the wood is a pale greenish, really pretty!

I hope you have enjoyed my Friday Finds, I know I enjoyed finding them!!  September is coming Sunday, can you believe it?!?  To kick off the new "back to school" month I have decided to make some fun changes to my blog.  In honor of going back to school and the dreadful packing of the lunches, I'm going to feature a fun lunch idea every Monday on my blog.  It won't necessarily be a lunch to pack for the kids, just a fun and different kind of boring PB&J's for me (at least one day a week)! :)  Also, all of my Tasty Tuesdays for the month of September will involve apples...I do have teacher in me everyone, September is like national apple month in school (at least my previous school it was)!  Later in the month we will also dust off the crock pots for some easy and hearty meals!  I hope you will stop by Monday for my first fun lunch!  Have a wonderful,
long weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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