Aug 2, 2013

Friday Finds

It's Friday everyone, let's celebrate!  This weekend we are off to Cleveland to visit Matt's family!  I'm looking forward to seeing his parents and brother who is home visiting from Florida!  What is everyone else up to??

I have some fun things to share this week, hopefully they will inspire you to get crafting.  I'm definitely ready!!

So have I told you all that I'm obsessed with all things chevron??  This week I have a little theme going....chevron!!  First up, these sweet little boxes I found in the Michaels dollar bin.  I'm not sure what I will use them for yet, but I can't wait to find a special treat to put in them!

Next up, chevron fabric!!!  I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and I found a TON of different chevron fabrics.  Many were cream and another color.  A few were white and another color.   I got the cream and gray.  I have a project I'm going to hopefully use it for; however, I do want to make pillows and whatever else I can find too!  The fabric is nice and sturdy.  

Speaking of the project I just mentioned....
I have been on the hunt for 2 different old frames.  I actually found the perfect (ugly) large frame I have wanted.  It was $9.99 at the Salvation Army...score!!  The other smaller frame will be perfect for my fabric from the Hobby Lobby.  More about that later!  I got that frame for $9.99 from another second hand store. We will just call these the before pics.... hopefully the after pics will be awesome!  

Finally, has anyone been watching the Food Network Star?  I have watched it the last couple of seasons and each season there is always a few contestants that I just love to watch.  This season there are a bunch and each time someone gets sent home I always feel bad.  Anyways, this past week the one girl I have been rooting for was sent home.  She mentioned quite a few times that she was a food blogger.  I decided to look her up and I found her blog!  

I would recommend checking her out:  Her recipes look great!  I have decided this one in particular would be just great to try:  Yummmm!!!  

Well, I will try to come back sometime this weekend and update the blog, but if I don't it is only because we are busy having fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house!  I hope everyone has a restful and nice weekend!!  Thanks for stopping by!

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