Aug 23, 2013

Friday Finds!

Today the finds are all about Back To School Clothes! I have a few back to school outfits I bought for Harper and myself.  Even though Harper isn't going to school she could always use some fun new clothes.  It is so hard to turn down cute toddler clothes; there are so many sweet outfits! 

Harper, my mom, and I went to Grove City Outlets yesterday after work.  It is always such a nice time when we go to Grove City.  It is about an hour from our house but every time we go it feels like we are on vacation!  We got dinner and a really good mini doughnut after dinner and then got busy shopping!  

I'm going to post pictures of a couple of the sweet things I got Harper and a few shirts I found for myself.  Getting new clothes for the fall is always so much fun; it sure gets me into the back to school spirit!  

Harper's stuff first:

This pink cardigan will look great with the dark denim, and the jeans flared, so cute!  The jeans were from Old Navy and the cardigan is from Carter's.  

I fell in love with these adorable flannel shirts-the gray one has white stars (hard to tell from the pic) and the other is pink and gray plaid.  Both shirts are from Carter's and I got stretchy pants to go with each shirt.

October wouldn't be complete without a few sweet outfits.  I got this one from Carter's and I can't wait until little miss wears it!

Leslie's Stuff:

I'm a sucker for a striped shirt.  I love these striped sweaters, they can go with so much and are really comfy!  Very simple and basic and great for the cooler weather!  I couldn't find a link for these, but I got them at the Gap Outlet.  The top one is tan and pink, the bottom is navy and white (one of my favorite color combinations).  

The last find of the day:

I also got this same shirt in two different colors-the top is navy (showing the front of the shirt) and the bottom is a mint green (showing what the back of the shirt looks like).  These shirts are lightweight and would be great for layering.  I could take off a jacket and still look professional with one of these on!  I also bought these at the Gap Outlet but couldn't find a link.  

It was a great day shopping with my mom and Harper!  I love getting in some good girl time!  Hopefully you all are enjoying the back to school time, and having good luck finding great sales!  I hope everyone has a great weekend and can finish up all that back to school shopping with ease! See you Monday!

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