Aug 6, 2013

Marble Painting

I have been having so much fun finding crafts to do with my little ones at Arts and Crafts camp!  The other day I came across some marbles in the craft closet.  I had seen some marble painting ideas in the past and knew I had to try it out.  The project turned out really cute and I think the kids really enjoyed the process of marble painting!

What you need:
Paper towels...yes, it gets VERY messy!  I did it with a large group of kiddos, 1 or 2 would be no biggie!
Box, deep cookie sheet, or a large deep lid
Paint and paint cups
Construction paper
Hole puncher

How we made them:
First, we lined a box with paper towels.  You could use a deep cookie sheet or some other deep lid.  I tried a basic cookie sheet first and the marbles rolled off easily...not ideal when they are covered with paint!

Then, I had pre-cut hearts out of white construction paper and hole punched them ahead of time.  I laid the heart in a box and got the paint ready.  I placed multiple marbles into each paint cup.  

Next, I swirled the paint around to cover each marble.  Once the marbles were covered, I dropped them inside the box on top of the heart.  ( all can probably come up with a cleaner way.) 

Then, it was time for fun!!  The kiddos got to tip the box left and right and all over the place as the marbles painted everything, including the box and paper towels!  They enjoyed this!  After one color, we switched to another and another until it turned out looking like this...

The marble did roll under the heart at times, so I let it dry with a paper towel underneath it!  When it was completely dry I hung it with a piece of black yarn!  Easy, cute, and fun!  

Tomorrow I have a tasty dinner idea!  Come on back! 

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