Aug 21, 2013

Pepperoni Balls

Pizza is probably my favorite food if I had to pick.  I LOVE cheese with mushrooms, onions, or banana peppers.  I don't really like more than one topping on my pizza at a time and that one topping would never be pepperoni; however, I love pepperoni balls!  Erie has a few local places that make really tasty pepperoni balls, and I have been craving some lately.  Last weekend we had a cookout to go to and I decided to make some, they turned out great and they were a big hit!  With college football starting soon, these would be a great staple at any tailgating party! 

One of my good friends used to make pepperoni balls and bring them to our house for different get togethers, I tried to remember how she made them and created some kind of off the top of my head (they weren't tricky, so I could do that).  

Cooking spray
1 package of these dinner rolls -I used 24 of the 36
1 package of pepperoni-I used spicy pepperoni
1 block of Monterey Jack cheese (or your favorite kind of cheese) -chunk it up
1 egg
Garlic powder-to sprinkle over rolls
Oregano-to sprinkle over rolls
Parmesan cheese-to sprinkle over rolls

Spray baking sheet with a small amount of Pam or other cooking spray. 
Thaw out 2 times the amount of pep. balls you would like.  For example, if you want 6 pep. balls, thaw out 12 rolls.  One side will be the top, the other the bottom.  They don't take too long to thaw out!
Once thawed, lay out half of the rolls onto a baking sheet-you will want to roll them out a bit (I used my hands for this).
Then, add a few pieces of pepperoni (I used 5 for each) and 2-3 chunks of cheese.
Next, roll out another piece of dough and place it over the pep. and cheese.  Then, roll up the bottom of the dough over the top of the dough. -I used a fork around all edges to seal the dough.
Then, crack an egg and give each roll a quick egg wash using the egg white.
Add a sprinkle of garlic powder, oregano, and parm. cheese to the tops of each pep. ball.  
I baked mine at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes (I think).  I have to be honest, I would keep an eye on the time, I made these last weekend and I already forget how long I cooked them.  I know it wasn't that long, but keep an eye so they don't burn!  Also, I did have to throw mine back in for a few extra minutes because they weren't quite a hard as I wanted them.  

I hope you all try these out for your next football party, or fun get together, I promise you won't be disappointed and neither will your guests!

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