Aug 6, 2013

Weekend Catch Up and a Tasty Tuesday Cookie!

This weekend was a lot of fun and tiring too!  I spent Saturday morning catching up on laundry and finishing school work for my class.  Matt got home late in the afternoon and we headed to Cleveland to spend time with his family.  When we got there we had a relaxing night of dinner and hanging out, nothing better in my book!  At the end of dinner we actually heard an ice-cream truck coming down the street.  Naturally, I couldn't pass up an ice-cream truck!  I am pretty strict with what Harper eats, but every once in a while I let her have a special treat...she needed a first official ice-cream truck experience, so she had one!  A fudgsicle, and she loved every. last. bite! 

Haha, what a sweet little face! 

After ice-cream we got all cleaned up and ready for bed.  Harper's Grandpa read her a story (Pat the Bunny, her favorite of the moment).  Then, Grandma read it to her too!  

Sunday we woke up and headed to the Cleveland Zoo.  Harper was excited to go, she loves the animals, but more importantly, she loves the "choo choo."  She has become obsessed with "choo choos" lately and loves to ride them!  We go on the train at our zoo every time we make a trip there, she loves it!  

 Quality time with her Uncle, she loves him!  

This picture is so sweet, Harper really enjoyed holding Grandma's hand at the zoo!  Then, at a shopping center near Matt's parent's house there was an event called Touch a Truck.  Kids and their families could go and get inside different community helper vehicles and meet officers.  It was really cute and Harper kind of enjoyed it.  Although she was so tired from the zoo she slept all the way to Touch a Truck.  By the time we got there she was a little shy and cranky.  She managed to hold it together to get inside a police car and cable tv truck.  She also got to sit on a Police motorcycle, she wasn't a fan of that.
2 seconds before the tears started! 

She quickly found the siren!  

We finished off the trip with some sidewalk chalk and a little more quality time with Uncle Mark!  

She had to lay just like Uncle Mark, hilarious!!

It was such a nice trip and I'm so thankful that we live close to family again.  We couldn't have all these moments if we still lived in North Carolina!  Feeling pretty darn blessed to have such a great family!

Today I have a link for some delicious cookies!!  I didn't have a chance to make them recently, but I made them awhile back and they were amazing!  Here is the link:  Monster Cookies Check this blog out and these cookies!!!  In case you can't tell, I'm a cookie monster!!  I love to find different recipes for cookies, these are definitely worth a try!!  Cara, the blogger, as has a fabulous blog with many other great recipes I have tried!  Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

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