Aug 12, 2013

Weekend Catch Up

This past weekend was wonderful!  Friday night Matt and I went out to dinner, alone!  It was awesome to be able to eat in peace.  No little one climbing out of the highchair and onto our chairs, no chasing her around while we try to squeeze bites in here and there, and we actually got to complete some conversations in one sitting!  Haha, not that I would trade Harper for anything, but it sure is nice to get some adult time every now and then!!

Saturday I got to clean and do laundry...two things I actually do enjoy doing.  Well maybe not doing as much as having done!  It always feels so good to have a clean house and all the laundry done, for about 2 hours until the next laundry pile forms and the toys get scattered everywhere! :)  Saturday night Matt, my sister Kellie and I had a bonfire.  We did hot dogs and smore's ....I definitely skipped my calorie counter on Saturday!   Anyways, I went to peek on Harper during the bonfire and she was still up.  I broke one of the most important rules of parenting and I got her out of her crib!  I just wanted her to be part of the fun!  Well, Kellie and Matt convinced me to let her try a marshmallow, she wasn't a fan but at least we can say she tried one!

On Sunday we took Harper to an amusement park again.  It was so much fun watching her enjoy the rides and waterpark.  My parents went with us, Harper insisted on holding Papa's hand all day...I'm pretty sure he was loving every minute of it!  It was a perfect warm, sunny, fun, summer day!

She's not sure about this one!

I love weekends where we can create fun memories with the whole family!  Stop by tomorrow for a dessert, Wednesday for a craft to make with your little ones, and Thursday for some BRINNER!  

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