Sep 18, 2013

A Craft for Harper and A Craft for Me

Halloween is my favorite holiday!  I LOVE scary movies, haunted houses, and pumpkins.  I also love all the fun Halloween decorations that are out!  The other day I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up a pack of foam Halloween shapes.  There was a pumpkin, spider, witch hat, etc...  I thought they would be fun for Harper to decorate and hang up.  I'm really trying to get her involved in the decorating this year because she is old enough!  Plus, maybe my love for decorating will rub off on her!  Anyways, I decided to use glitter for this activity because it was easy (not necessarily clean, but oh well).  I got out a cookie sheet and laid the figures down, then I squirted glue on each.  I gave Harper the jar of glitter and let her have at it!  It was a really simple Halloween craft, not much prep for me, but she was involved in doing something creative and she enjoyed it!

We are learning that the glitter can only stick with glue!  :)

Most of the glitter stayed nicely on the tray.

She really enjoyed this craft!

We hung them on her bedroom door after, she thought that was pretty cool!!

It's time to switch gears from Harper's crafts to mine.  Remember when I shared this framed picture with you all?  I mentioned that I had something in the works for transforming it, well I did, and now it's done!

Of course what I had in mind was pinspired!  Check out my inspiration for this project:

I got rid of the glass from the frame, but I saved the cardboard insert.  I primed the frame (no sanding-not a fan) and then I painted it with turquoise craft paint.  

I picked up some gray and cream chevron fabric from the Hobby Lobby.  I sprayed down the cardboard insert with basting spray and dropped the fabric over the front of it.  Because it was chevron I needed to make sure it was lined up perfectly so I didn't have a slanting chevron pattern!

Then, I wrapped the edges up like a birthday present and used hot glue to seal them. 

I slipped it back into the frame.  I nailed in small nails around the frame to keep the picture from falling out.  I just nailed them on the inside edges, kind of tricky but I made it work!

I bought a wooden "S" from the Hobby Lobby.  I originally wanted it to be gray but it blended in too much with gray.  I tried black and it didn't stick out well with black.  Then, I decided to go with the same color as the frame and it works!  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and it was pretty affordable to make!  I plan on having some gray walls at my next house so I think this will look great hanging up!  Can't wait!!
I hope you enjoyed my crafty Wednesday!  Tomorrow I will be back with a fun dinner idea!

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