Sep 6, 2013

Friday Finds

I'm really sorry I'm posting this so late.  My computer died the other day, I just got my new one and have had major issues with technology all day.  I'm finally back on track but my post is really late, sorry!!  By the way, getting the extended warranty on a computer is worth every single penny, I luckily didn't have to pay anything for my new computer!  

It is another wonderful Friday and I'm looking forward to a great weekend!  Fall weather has shown up and I'm finally getting to wear some of my new clothes.  Before I went shopping I got a few ideas for my fall wardrobe from Pinterest.  I'm particularly enjoying leggings right now.  They are so comfy and cute.  I just wanted some different ways to dress them up.  When I went on Pinterest I pinned a few different ideas for leggings, check out my pinterest link below and go to fall style to see what's going on!  Today I thought I would take one of my Pinterest inspired outfits and share it with everyone....Here you go:

I would give the link for the outfit but it was a suspicious link so I just copied and pasted it into the blog.  Anyways, this is the outfit I found and really loved.  It looks really cute but also comfy.  It is a great way to dress up a pair of leggings!

Here is my picture.  I decided to cut off my head too, I took the picture last night and I'm always a mess by the end of the day!  Anyways, I kept the gray sweater and black and white striped shirt underneath.  I have on black jeggings and tall dark brown boots.  I finished off the outfit with a scarf.  I decided to go bright to add a pop of color to my outfit.  I think it is a pretty close match to the outfit above, I'm really happy with it...cute, comfy, and fun!

I hope you have enjoyed my Pinspired outfit, I hope to do this again sometime soon!

Moving on...I wanted to share a really great blog with everyone today!  This blog is home to Asia, a teacher turned stay at home mom of two.  She offers so many awesome activities to get your kiddos thinking, creating, and using their imaginations.  If you are looking for fun and creative ideas for your kids, I highly recommend you check her out!  This week she teamed up with a few other bloggers for a week-long series on Fall Recipes for Play.  So many great ways to celebrate the upcoming season!!   Click the link below or go to the right hand side of my blog under "sunshine follows" for the link to Fun At Home With Kids!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!  Come on back Monday for a new lunch idea!!  Thanks for stopping by and sorry again for the late post!

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