Sep 4, 2013

Fuse Bead Fun

Today I'm posting about something that was really fun for my kids at camp this summer.  It is pretty easy for them once they get started!  Fuse beads are little plastic beads that get arranged on a plastic pegboard.  Once your child has created a design they would like, you get out your iron, and some wax paper, and melt the design together.

I always melt the design on both sides, not sure if you are supposed to or not.  Sometimes it can be tricky ironing it without the beads falling out of place.  You need to gently place the iron down onto the wax paper that covers the pegboard.  Then, gently move the iron back and forth.  We sometimes leave a bead or two out of the top of the design to add a key chain to it, or get a small pack of magnet strip and turn them into magnets.  Either way, you can't go wrong!  My kids also liked having them without anything.  

If you have a crafter in the family, this would be a great Christmas present; I'm telling you my kiddos LOVED them at camp!  

I'm going to share a link below as to where we got them from camp.  I would recommend getting the bag of 6,000 for $6.99, or if you want it for years to come, the bucket for $19.99.  Then, you will need pegboards, I'm pretty sure neither come with it.  They have a set of 4 basic shapes for $4.49, or a pack of 36 for $21.99.  I know when Harper gets older this is one craft I'll be sure to buy her.  

Fuse Beads Here:

This craft was good for my kiddos that were 6 and up.  Most of the younger ones had trouble getting the beads on the pegboards. 

If you don't want to invest money into something that you are unsure of I have a great solution. Recently I went to Michaels and as I was checking out I found this little kit:

It was $1.00 and it comes with the beads to create the owl, one square pegboard, and ironing paper (even though wax paper works just fine).  It is a great way to see if you kids will enjoy using fuse beads!  It is called, Melty Beads by Color Zone!

Here is a heart I made at camp this year.  There is a magnet on the back and it sits on the fridge now!  Really cute and fun!

By the way, I don't currently have any sponsors for my blog.  The recommendations are what I have personally used and liked.   

Come on back tomorrow for a dinner idea!!  See you then!  

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