Sep 25, 2013

More Halloween Crafting With Harper

Last weekend I went shopping and found a little Halloween wind chime craft for Harper.  I found it at JoAnn Fabrics and I knew Harper would love it.  She wouldn't leave Matt's grandparent's chimes alone when we went on our last visit.  I pulled this little kit out the other night and we had fun coloring it!  It came with a wooden cat sitting in a pumpkin, three markers, a string (which wasn't long enough so we had to use some fishing line too) and the chimes.  It was only $1.00!  I'm not a huge kit fan because I think there are so many cute things you can find on Pinterest, but I have to admit I really enjoyed using this.  It kept her busy, creating, and happy....and it was super easy to pull out and get started!  I would recommend finding a few of these for a rainy day, Michaels usually has a bunch of kits too!  

Notice she is in her Cleveland Indians hoodie, she calls it her "Papa" clothes.  Anything she sees with the Indians logo or mascot she calls, "Papa".  Lately we can't get her to wear anything (willingly) unless it is a "Papa" outfit, which is a problem because we only have a few "Papa" outfits.  It is pretty darn funny and also super challenging!  Gotta love her!

So proud of her new creation!

Hanging from the light in her bedroom, she really enjoys it! 

We also glittered a little plastic pumpkin I got at the Dollar Tree.  I found on Pinterest where people glittered pumpkins with orange glitter, they were so pretty.  I didn't have a real pumpkin, or orange glitter, but I found this pumpkin and wanted to spruce it up!  It definitely took some time to dry, but she likes it and we have it sitting on her dresser.  

The most simple things can make her so happy, I love this age!  Nothing I shared today was too creative, but they are perfect for the working moms!  I've been back to work for almost a month now, easy crafts are my friend!

Stop by tomorrow for a great dinner idea!  See you then!

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