Sep 2, 2013

Pizza Grilled Cheese-Lunch 1

Hello September, I can't believe you are here already!  As much as I love the summer, warm weather, and ice cream, fall is coming and it is inevitable!  I do actually enjoy apples, pumpkins, wearing new school clothes, Halloween, news seasons of my favorite TV shows, and colorful leaves.  Fall isn't really that bad!  

In the spirit of a new season coming and the start of school I have decided to do something new on my blog!  Starting today and every Monday in this month I will be sharing a fun lunch idea.  I always get tired of packing my lunch and trying to think of ways to keep them exciting.  I have decided to scour Pinterest for new ideas.  Some of the ideas won't be the best to take to work, but it would be great for weekend lunches or a day off at home!

Today I'm going to feature a lunch that I have made three times since I discovered it on Pinterest!  I love how simple it is, and how tasty.  I'm sharing Pizza Grilled Cheese.  I love bread and cheese, I could probably survive on those two items alone, add a little bit of pizza sauce and pepperoni and it takes it to a whole new level.  I'm not even a pepperoni person either!

My pinspiration:

2 slices of bread (per sandwich of course!)
2 slices of mozzarella cheese (I only had provolone and it tasted great!)
A few pieces of pepperoni
Your favorite pizza seasoning-Italian, Basil, Oregano (I used oregano)
Pizza Sauce

Click on the link above for directions!

I served mine with a sliced nectarine.  This was such a great lunch, simple, delicious, and quick!  I hope you enjoy the new play on an old classic!  See you tomorrow for an apple inspired treat!

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