Sep 9, 2013

Rustic Avocado Sandwiches

Well the weekend is sadly over and this week is going to be a little crazy!  I'm starting to sub this week and I'm a little nervous.  I have had the whole summer off from subbing and I need to get into the grove of it again.  I will be in a 5th grade classroom from Tuesday until Friday.  I'm hoping that it goes well and I'm sure it will!  With the craziness of my first week back I want to make sure lunch is easy this week!  I found a great sandwich that would be easy to make ahead of time and I'm sure tasty even cold.  

I found this avocado sandwich recently on Pinterest, my mom didn't think it sounded good, my husband thought it sounded great, I decided to give it a try because I was interested.  The outcome...pretty darn good (but only if you are an avocado is a huge part of the sandwich)!  I added a bit to my sandwich to make it to my own personal perfection!  I came up with a BAT....Bacon, Avocado, and Tomato.  It's a BLT re-created for something a little different!  I have got to say I didn't try it cold, but I really think that would be great if you wanted to make one ahead of time to take to work!  Here we go...lunch number 2, Rustic Avocado Sandwiches!

My pinspiration:  Click on this link for the directions...look below to see how I adapted it!

*My list makes 1 sandwich
1 avocado
2 pieces of bacon (optional)
1 slice of tomato
1 slice of your favorite cheese
1 roll (I used a ciabatta roll)
Olive oil (1 to 2 tsp)
Vinegar  (1 to 2 tsp)

My adaptations:
Make your bacon ahead of time.  I always lay tin foil on a baking sheet, throw the bacon on, and when it is ready I toss out the foil.  It is a quick and easy way to clean up, no dishes!  Throw a few pieces of bacon on top of it!  

On top of that throw a tomato!  

There you have it, something a little different, but definitely easy for lunch!!  I hope you enjoy my twist on a BLT!!  Happy Monday and stop by tomorrow for my second apple themed's a good one!!

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