Sep 11, 2013

Scented Play Dough

Well I survived my first day of subbing for the year!  It actually went pretty well and I really enjoyed working with fourth graders!  When working with kids there is never a dull moment!  They have such imaginations and curiosity it can be really fun!  Today I wanted to share an activity that I pinned awhile back and have been meaning to get to.  It is Kool-Aid scented play dough.  This is definitely a classic as far as activities to do with your kiddos, but adding the Kool-Aid puts a fun twist on it.  Plus, this is something that children can easily use and it brings out their creativity and imaginations!  I LOVE to see what they create!

My last year teaching first grade I pulled out play dough while teaching solid shapes.  My kiddos and I molded different shapes to help learn their different characteristics.  It was great for my hands-on learners and fun for the rest of the class as well. 

I have also used play dough in word study centers.  You can buy alphabet cookie cutters and have them cut out their spelling or word wall words.  You can also have them create the letters on their own and build words!

I don’t want to turn this blog into a teaching one, that is not my intention, just some more ideas for using play dough…kind of outside the box. 

Harper and I played with the play dough last night.  It was really fun and it smelled heavenly.  I only had fruit punch so that is what we used, I loved the scent!  Cherry would be really good too!  Naturally I took her shirt off because I’m a stickler for stains and I did add a little red dye along with my Kool-Aid just too make it look a little prettier.  I used generic Kool-Aid and it didn't really create a vibrant color.  Don't know if it made a difference, but it still smelled great!  Since we played with it right after I got finished making it, I knew it would probably dye her clothes.  Sure enough she grabbed her shirt and got some red dye on it, oops.  Well, you can’t win them all….let that be a caution to everyone!! 

My pinspiration is the same site where I got the Kool-Aid dyed rice.  She has a great site with many cool ideas, a little bit of everything!  Check her site out!!   You will also need to click on the link for the recipe, she has some great pictures too!  *There is a link at the bottom of the post for the recipe! 

As you can see, Harper tested, Harper approved!  I let her use alphabet cut outs and beans in the dough.  She really seemed to enjoy the different textures of the dough and beans.  She also enjoyed dumping the beans in and out of the container. 

Hopefully this post has helped to inspire a little Wednesday creativity within you!   Talk to me at the end of the day, I may be too tired to create though, haha!!  Until then….see you tomorrow for a crockpot dinner.  I guess I assumed at this point in the fall we would be dusting off the cobwebs from the crockpots while we packed away our favorite sun dresses, not baking in nearly 90 degree weather!  I guess you can always bookmark the recipe now and come back to it when the normal fall weather arrives (not that I’m complaining, sooner than we would like snow will be here).  Happy Wednesday!  Thanks for stopping by!

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