Sep 30, 2013

White Chicken Chili

Well another Monday is here again, and boy did it come quickly!  It also happens to be the last day of September, which means it is the last Monday I will be featuring a lunch idea.  I also wanted to mention (again, in case you missed my last post) I will be mixing up my posts a bit in the upcoming month or so.  I won't always post a Tasty Tuesday or dinner on Thursday.  I want to switch things up and post whatever is going on in life.  

My family is starting a new lifestyle change where there is no fat or meat allowed.  There is yoga, time to reflect on life, and relaxing a bit too.  Now, I won't be participating in this program everyday like my parents but I want to support them in this new step.  Therefore, I won't be making desserts as often.  I certainly know I have no restraint when it comes to dessert around the house and I don't want to tempt anyone or make them feel as if they are missing out.  I'm still going to make things, but I will try to make them when my family isn't around.  I know it will be impossible to avoid during the holidays, but for now I'm taking a break.  Although, my mom did pick up a special cookbook for this program, which has healthy desserts, I wonder if they are good?!  (In case anyone is wondering, it is by Dr. Dean Ornish and it is supposed to reverse heart disease).  Heart disease runs in my family and my dad has had a lot of problems in the past so I'm really excited for them to get started on this program and will try it out myself here and there!  

In case you are wondering why I live with my parents for the moment :), here you go:

Anyways, back to the lunch menu for today!

This recipe came right from the McCormick Seasoning Pack section.  

McCormick White Chicken Chili Seasoning Mix

It is so simple, and really tasty!

Here is the link for the complete recipe:

1 tbsp. of oil (I try to use Pam instead of oil)
1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts-cut into chunks
1 package of McCormick White Chicken Chili Seasoning Mix
1 cup of water
1 can of white beans (don't drain) *I used Great Northern Beans
Toppings optional (we don't put anything on) shredded cheese, avocado, cilantro, sour cream

**I actually shredded a rotisserie chicken for our chili.  It was so much easier then cooking chicken and it added a little extra flavor.  I didn't use the whole chicken, we saved the other half to throw in a different soup.

Directions:  Check the McCormick link above for directions!

I can't tell you how tasty this chili is.  I love this for lunch because you can have a small bowl and it will fill you up.  It is easy to take to work, just heat it up in the microwave.  Plus, it is a great alternative to the boring old sandwich...and on a cold day when you can't seem to warm up, it is the perfect lunch!  It could also be served for dinner!  A lot of times Matt and I have beer bread with this chili, it goes really great together!  

I hope you have enjoyed my lunch ideas this month and if you have any great ideas for lunch I would love to hear about them!  Stop by tomorrow for a weekend review and thanks for stopping by! 

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