Oct 15, 2013

Anyone In The Mood For A Donut?

Well, I'm back with a Tasty Tuesday winner today!  I have been in the mood for donuts all the time lately.  No, before you ask, I'm not pregnant.  Sometimes I just get these crazy cravings, and of course they are always junk food related, sadly.  

I was doing my usual blog hopping yesterday morning before Harper woke up, it is one of my favorite times of the day.  The quiet peacefulness of the morning, my favorite blogs, and a yogurt!  Anyways, I was on Mix and Match Mama and she had posted her Meal Planning Monday list.  She has been doing this segment on Mondays and includes a few dinner items, and a few desserts.  I'm always looking for tasty and easy which is pretty much what you get when you go to her blog!

Today I just so happened to stumble upon this lovely recipe: Baked Pumpkin Donut Holes.  You had me a donut Mix and Match Mama, but add a little pumpkin to a donut and that just kicks it up a notch!  So I scrolled down the list of ingredients and luckily I had everything I needed.

I asked Harper to help me out, which she loved, and we got busy making these delicious little treats.  Let me tell you, if you enjoy sugar, and pumpkin...you will LOVE these bad boys!  They are just about bite size and really moist and delicious!  

For those of you wondering about the junk food around my parents, I haven't baked much at all since they have started their new healthy lifestyles.  One day I wanted brownies so I baked a box, had a few and sent the rest in to school with Matt.  He said they were devoured before lunch was finished, and I didn't have to feel guilty about leaving them around the house.  Tomorrow morning Matt will take the rest of the donuts to school too!  It is the best of both worlds.  I still get a little something sweet, my parents don't have to be too tempted, and it makes a teacher's day!  That is all good in my book!  I recommend heading on over to her blog and getting started making some of these sweet treats, I'm pretty sure you will be happy you did!!

By the way, today is my 100th post!  It is pretty exciting for me because I have previously started two other blogs and got bored, busy, or not motivated to blog.  I have really enjoyed this blog and I hope you have too!  Happy Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!

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