Oct 17, 2013

Color Matching Fun

Yesterday was my day off, Wednesdays Nana works so I get to be a stay at home mom for the day.  It's funny but sometimes I feel like I get more quiet time at work then I do on Wednesdays!  Not that I'm complaining but wow, who knew a little one could be this busy!?!?  Crazy!  Plus, Harper is going through this extremely picky eating phase.  This child only wants yogurt, I'm telling you we went through more than 1/2 a tub in one day!  She throws these massively HUGE fits if I feed her anything but yogurt.  Now she is getting into the fridge on her own and will stand at the fridge with the doors wide open fussing at the yogurt until you get her some.  Every time I said, "no" she freaked out and threw a tantrum.  I guess she will be surviving on yogurt for the time being because I can't bribe or reason with her at this age....I've tried both! :)  I will give into you banana yogurt....for now.  Sometimes I am thankful for a job, most of the time I wake up wishing I didn't have to be away from little miss, but sometimes I go to work thankful for some adult interaction and a quiet half-hour lunch to myself!  Haha!  

Anyways, in between her diva-like moments today we had some fun working on color matching (I guess that is what you would call it).  I got an old egg carton, some pom-poms (little colorful puff balls), and construction paper to match the pom poms.  Then, I cut out small circles of the different colored construction paper and glued them into the bottom of each tray of the egg carton.  I threw the pom poms into a bucket and had Harper practice matching the pom poms with the correct egg tray.  I also gave her a mini tongs (get those motor skills working) to practice picking up the pom poms.  It was a little challenging because they kept wanting to fall out, but it was great practice!  We used our hands quite a bit too!  All in all, it was a lot of fun and Harper was able to match quite a few!!  

What a face! :) 

I was thinking if you didn't have construction paper, don't feel like you need to go out and buy some.  Just color white computer paper using markers!  Also, I got my pom poms at the Dollar Tree and a small pack of sparkly ones at JoAnn Fabrics, both $1.00 I believe!  

Anyone else have any cheap but fun ways to keep your little ones busy??  Please leave a comment if so!! I'm always looking for fun and affordable things to do with her! 

Happy Thursday, we are one day away everyone...we can do it everyone!!!  Thanks for stopping by!

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