Oct 22, 2013

Fall Walk

Whew, I'm glad Monday is over and we can cruise though them rest of the week!  Something about Monday always gets me a little crazy.  Having 2 days off of school always makes me nervous when I head back.  I really have no clue why, you would think after 4 years of teaching and one year of subbing I would have Mondays down pat, I don't.  I always worry about the week ahead, getting everything prepped on Monday morning, getting everything accomplished throughout the week, etc... My list could go on over the things I worry about, therefore I'm really glad that Monday is over.  Yes, I do need some serious help, lol!  If anyone has any great ideas, tips, books, etc... that will help a person to worry less, please please please let me know!  My hubby would appreciate it too! :)  

One thing I'm so thankful that I don't have to worry about is Harper.  I'm so thankful and lucky that my mom is able to watch her.  I know that when I leave for work she will wake up to someone who loves her and will take good care of her!  In my crazy world of constant worries, I'm thankful that my most important little buddy is well taken care of!  Now that I have rambled on about my worrying I should share the fun thing Harper, Nana, and I did last night!  

The weather here is still pretty warm for this time of the year (although I have heard by the end of the week snow could be in the air...yikes) so I have been taking Harper for lots of walks. Sometimes Nana goes sometimes Matt goes, sometimes it is just me and Harper (or Harper and I ...whatever I never got the hang of that rule, sadly I'm embarrassed saying that considering I'm a teacher.  Please forgive me!)  Anyways, on on walks Harper LOVES to point out fun things she sees, lately it has been pumpkins galore.  She also enjoys any other kinds of decorations, garden gnomes or animals, flags, etc... I decided to make her a fun scavenger hunt for last night.  I drew four pictures (a pumpkin, a leaf, a rock, and a tree) then I made a grid with the numbers 1-3 next to the pictures.  I explained to her that we were going to find three of each item.  I think she kind of understood, but I helped her out a lot!  Every time we found an item, she got to stick a Halloween sticker on the number.  We would count the stickers and praise her for finding the items.  She really seemed to enjoy it, although by the end she was getting tired.  We even took a fun little lantern on the walk because it was dark out and I wanted her to be able to see her hunt.  

Being stubborn, not wanting to smile!

We finished the whole board!

Gaga (daddy in Harper talk) came home right at the end of the walk!  He was so proud! 

She wanted to finish the walk with lawn mower fun!  She wasn't thrilled when she discovered she couldn't cut the lawn in the dark! 

I got the stickers from the Dollar Tree and just made the chart out of computer paper.  You could do something like this for older children and have more objects to find.  You could also have them use tally marks every time they found an item.  Then, they could graph the items and discuss which they found the most of and which the least, etc... The possibilities are endless! 

I also enjoyed the walk because it was interactive.  It wasn't just her sitting in the stroller checking out the scenery, which is still always good, fresh air is never a bad thing.  I just liked that she could keep busy and work on recognizing different things!  

I hope you enjoyed going on our walk and thanks for stopping by!  As always please send me any easy fun ideas that you have for entertaining your little ones!  

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