Oct 3, 2013

Friday Finds

Yayy!!  It's here again, and as you all know I LOVE Friday, but who doesn't?!?!  I'm so excited for this weekend, our good friends are coming up to visit on Saturday!  We are taking our little ones to a local farm for the fall festivities.  They have wagon rides, a corn maze, giant slides, etc... I love this time of the year, it is so much fun!  I know Harper will enjoy playing with Abby (she is 3) and I will love holding her little sister who is only a few months old!  It should be a lot of fun.  Sunday we are planning on going to an apple festival, if it doesn't rain.  Gotta love the fall, and all the fun activities that come along with the fall!

Today I'm sharing a really fun find that I'm thinking you will all LOVE!  Have you ever heard of Paparazzi?? No, I'm not talking about the camera holding, celebrity chasing kind of Paparazzi.  I'm talking about the jewelry.  When I was still living in North Carolina my great friend Andrea introduced me to the jewelry.  She mentioned that it is not only cute and trendy but really affordable, that is a big one for me!  She is currently selling it and really enjoys it.  The great thing about Paparazzi is that it is ready to go as soon as you want it. She orders a supply of different jewelry and you can just grab what you like, pay her and you are good to go.  She often puts some of her jewelry in baskets for people to take and show friends.  If they like the products it's a cash and carry deal....you pay the 5.00 and get to take the product home that day.  She also does facebook parties for those of you that don't live in Jacksonville, NC.  It really is such a great line because it is trendy and affordable.  If you accidentally lose something (like I do often) or get tired of it, you don't feel guilty because it was only $5.00. 

Below I'm going to share some pictures of Paparazzi products I have bought recently.  

I decided to try the gold trend out on some fun bangles!  The middle one is actually wooden and dark brown.  The set of three was $5.00!

I completely fell in love with this set of bangles the minute I opened my package.  I love silver and the details in the bracelet on the left are so fun!  The middle one is really sparkly.  Set of three $5.00!

I thought these necklaces were so fun I got one in yellow and one in green.  Both $5.00!

Fun green and silver long necklace.  This came with small green earrings too!  $5.00!

This is probably my favorite necklace!  It has a ribbon tie and is silver and dark gray.  It also came with earrings.  Again, $5.00!

This headband was one I got awhile ago but I wear it often, I LOVE it!!

This is a newer headband.  I love it too!!!  It is fun and simple and really great for a bad hair day...pull my hair up and throw on this cute band!  Both headbands were $5.00!

I got this set of earrings in green (it matches the necklaces above) and clear whiteish too.  They are a lot of fun!  $5.00!

If you are interested in checking out Andrea's Paparazzi collection, you can go directly to her Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Polka-Dots-and-Pincushions-Independent-Paparazzi-Consultant-7657/120700901349415
She has pictures of all her stuff under the "photos" section.  Check out her site, if you are a jewelry fan I promise you will find something you like!!  

Next, I'm going to share a great blog with you all.  I enjoy doing fun activities with Harper (and occasionally when the moment is rare, thinking of something fun on my own without the help of my favorite site Pinterest). However, some days (often) the creative juices just aren't flowing in me.  That is when I take to the wonderful world of Pinterest to find something to keep Harper happy!  I just came across Hands On As We Grow which features fun crafts, activities, and projects to do with your little ones!  It is a great find and I can't wait to get busy with some of these projects:  http://handsonaswegrow.com/50-toddler-activities/ *Toddler specific activities

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and get to do something fallish too!!  See you soon and thanks for stopping by!  

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