Oct 3, 2013

Hair Bow Holder

So do you all remember when I shared a really large and extremely ugly picture frame for Friday finds??  My husband thought I was going crazy when I brought it in the house and said I was hanging it up.  Little did he know at the time that it would actually turn out to be a really sweet and very practical hair bow holder.

Yesterday, I finally finished that project.  It took me awhile because of the painting.  I'm not a fan of painting, it just takes so much time to do, haha.  I first sanded down some of the gold off the frame, then that was getting old.  I decided to get a primer and paint over the frame (much better idea).  After about 3 coats I was good to go.  I finished it up with some white craft paint.  Then, I hot glued white felt (a large sheet of it) over the front of the ugly picture.  I didn't want the picture to show through my fabric so I put the felt down as a buffer.  Then, I hot glued the fabric down.  I wrapped it up along the back like a birthday present.  When I folded down the seams I threw some hot glue underneath so they would stick.  I then cut out 4 pieces of ribbon and eye-balled it to make it look even.  Then, I hot glued down on both ends (after pulling the ribbon tightly).  Where would I be in this world without my hot glue?!?!

Harper having fun while I crafted!

Anyways, I hope that was easy to understand, I feel like I just rambled!  I really love how it turned out.  It will be a great way to display all of her bows for easier access!  Thanks for stopping by and tomorrow I will share my Friday finds!!  See you all then!

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