Oct 10, 2013

How To Survive A Dentist Appointment with A 1.5 Year Old

I'm really excited about my post today because I'm excited to share my tricks (that really worked)!! Every Wednesday my mom works so I stay home with Harper.  Yesterday I was really dreading my dentist appointment because I knew I would have to take Harper (I had to reschedule it, that is why it was on a Wednesday).  I know how Harper gets and I had no idea how she would do.  My dentist's office is very open, I don't even think there are doors to close so I knew I couldn't contain her in the room.  

I knew I had to plan for the trip in order for things to go well.  I decided to grab a few different bags including one large one to place everything in.  Harper enjoys taking things out of bags so I knew I wanted to start there.  Then, I went to the basement on the hunt for fun items to place in the bags.  

First off I wanted to grab items that Harper hasn't played with before or much at all.  I knew they would be unique and special and hopefully hold her attention.  The only other criteria was that they must be easy to clean up, nothing too messy.  After grabbing a pile of things I brought them up and placed them in the different bags.  

Here is a list of bag possibilities:
*Books they don't read often 
*Small photo album (I stuck my engagement photo album in there)
*A few Popsicle sticks
*Plastic Easter eggs
*I added a bulletin boarder (from my classroom)
*Fabric scraps
*A small treat (I hid a bag of treats for her to find-she did and enjoyed it)
*Pipe cleaners
*Kitchen utensils
*Old cell phone
*Small game they don't play often (Barrel of Monkeys)
*Holiday decorations (such as small pumpkins or fabric ornaments) 
The possibilities are endless, just take a look around your house!

It was so worth the extra time getting this bag prepared.  She sat in the corner of the office for 30 minutes without getting up, running around, or trying to escape the office.  She was so interested in all the new and exciting things to find in the bags that she wasn't concerned with the happenings around her.  It was the most successful and peaceful visit to a dentist office I have had.  I have decided to keep the bag packed and add a few new things to it next time.  It will be ready for me to grab and go!  Amen for the simple things in life!

Speaking of the simple things, last night we went to the mall.  I'm excited because they have added a kid's area.  There are a few small climbing things in it and a little slide.  Harper had the best time in there!  I have always seen them at other malls but was thrilled to find out our mall added on!  Simple things I'm telling you all!!

Playing at the mall on the "papa" ball.  Papa loves baseball, Harper loves Papa!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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