Oct 1, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was super busy but really fun!  I spent some time Friday night catching up with a good friend who will be moving to Georgia soon.  We got dinner and walked 5 miles around the lake.  Oh my gosh was I sore at the end of that one, so much fun though!  

Saturday was a beautiful and surprisingly warm day for the end of September!  We spent the day with my family in Cleveland watching my cousin get married.  It was an absolutely perfect day, beautiful wedding, and great reception.  Harper lasted until about 9:30 and she had so much fun! My cousin had the coolest thing I have probably ever seen at a wedding, she had a photo booth. You could go in and get pictures all night, one copy immediately printed for my cousin and her husband and you could pick as many copies as you wanted for whoever was in the booth.  The copy that my cousin received was placed directly into an album where you wrote a message to the bride and groom.  There was a man helping with the station and placing the pictures in the album. It was a HUGE hit and so creative.  Plus, they had a bunch of fun and crazy hats you could wear in the photo booth!  

Here is our pic...

So cute and fun!  The third pic down Harper has the best face, she was trying to stick her little tongue out!  

We spent the night at Matt's parent's house, it was so nice to be there (and not take the long trip home late at night)!  Then, we spent all day Sunday with them.  We went to a pumpkin patch, Harper had a blast, so did we!  We picked apples, took a hayride, and Harper found the most perfect pumpkin (for her)!  Such a sweet day with the family!

She was petting the dog on the wooden bus!  It was so funny!

Picking apples!

She LOVED carrying around pumpkins, since we got home she doesn't put down her new pumpkin!

It was a beautiful, warm, fun, family filled weekend!  I love spending time with family, it was great catching up with everyone I haven't seen in awhile.  This weekend was a perfect reminder of all of life's many blessings!  I hope you all had a great weekend too!  Thanks for stopping by and see you all soon! 

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